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Just a general wondering but would there be anyone here that would be interested in putting a team together to collaborate on an independent game in our spare time (or if it allows through something such as Kickstarter, full time)? I think I am ready to get serious about this. I am a software developer currently.

No takers, huh? You don't have to know any code or anything to that effect. I could possibly handle all of that myself. If you are artistic or musically inclined I think we could get something going.

Try reddit. Might get an answer there.

Thanks man. The majority of the guys that I work with are all under the assumption that game development sucks and is boring....I have absolutely no idea where they get that notion from.....could just be coddled up hatred for it because they all know they would never stand any real chance at getting hired at somewhere like Retro Studios or Activision... I don't want to be coding some boring web application for mortgages for the rest of my life so I'm trying to branch out...

Yeah, the GN crowd is mostly game fanatics, not game developers. There are a select few that I remember talking about game development at some point, but no one specific.

Best of luck to you.

A warning:
The problem with random volunteers from the internet is, that first and foremost you have to find people, that are reliable.
Most may start enthusiastically but can soon lose interest, then life/work gets in the way and they drop out. And one or two may be enough for everything to fall apart.
If you do not make sure to have a big enough core of people, you know to be reliable, you might end up putting in a lot of work for nothing.

It is really difficult to find such a dedicated person, whom you don't even know and expecting him to complete the deadlines with from a remote location. There are chances of happening it, but they're pretty slim in my opinion.


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