why doesnt anyone post on this site

so ive been following this site and enjoying the gonintendo podcasts for at least five years.

and one thing i noticed apart from how great the podcast is , is that noone ever seems to post up anything here.


Thu Nov 17 16 11:57am
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The forums used to be more lively before the site update.

I would speculate the drop off was due to all of the old topics being deleted, post count being reset, and the forums themselves harder to navigate than they used to be. The actual story comments are just as active though.

Thu Nov 17 16 08:27pm
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I agree with all of this. While I'm adapting to the new forums, the old ones were definitely much better.

I would also add that the forums are less visible on this version of the site.

For example, it says forums at the top left of the screen, but I feel like most people's eyes travel right over it to the big RMC head. Also, on the old version of the site, new forum posts were at the very top of the page, i.e. easily visible. Now, they are on a sidebar and can be more easily missed or unnoticed.

Fri Dec 16 16 05:22pm
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Forums just aren't a popular thing anymore these days, for one.

Two, most visitors to this site are looking for news, and their activity is largely limited to commenting on those stories.

We could probably debate other factors like layout, visibility, features, etc. but with no empirical data to support either side of the discussion, it would be fruitless at best.

Basically, we've always just had a small forum community, and we all get out of it what we put into it.

On the other hand, I would like to start getting to work on our "reputation" type system, that should encourage various activities across the site, as well as begin hilting stuff from the forums on the blog as a weekly feature to get things moving. I've had an outline of the reputation system written down for a couple years, but we've been focused on getting other stuff live first. Toying around with the idea of giving extra points to users for forum activity vs blog comments ;)

I don't think forums in general aren't as popular anymore. I really do thing the way these ones have to be navigated just turn people off.

I really miss the "view active topics" that listed all the threads that had posts in it while you were away. Also, the "view your posts" that listed every single thread that you posted in that had new posts. "Recent comments" shows the last few comments, but its usually all within the past day which doesn't help too much. And "my discussion" is also a bit confusing because new comments would highlight the entire title in red before on the forums which made it easy to see.
Those two links, along with the MCP, were the first things I opened when coming to this site and I really miss them a lot. View active topics would make navigating the forums much easier again.

Currently, if I want to see all the new posts in each forum I almost have to open up 7 different tabs to do so if I haven't been on for a while. Maybe we should consider consolidating these forums into random, consoles, portables, and website to make things a bit easier for the time being? Or can we possibly make a page similar to "Recent Comments" side bar where it just displays the active topics of the last 2 weeks or so? (view active topics) The forums themselves are fine, but we are just missing those simple things the previous one had to make navigating around so much easier in my opinion. That is what hurts them the most.

IDK about others, but I basically stopped posting frequently when they changed to the current GN site. The forums aren't really used a lot, because they don't work like forums usually do. Forums are def still used a lot. At least the news topics are still active.

Also, the community was quite different in those days I think. There's still people who post frequently now who were often seen back in those days (I'm talking like roughly 3y ago), but I see much more negativity and people who are quick to judge these days. IDK, I've grown kinda tired of that kind of attitude, so I mostly stick to more, pardon my arrogance, 'mature' communities. On this site, I usually got into arguments with people, haha. Too many people who can't take criticism to their aguments so they just hide behind "Am I not allowed to say anything negative about Nintendo?" type BS.
Too bad because I always enjoyed going here for discussions and I think RMC is a splendid guy.

And seriously, it's really lame Tduck is allowed to spam his hate on here. Stating a negative opinion is one thing, but if it's literally all you do, often in the most flamebait-y or ill informed ways...Seems very disrespectful to RMC.

I mostly stopped because the new forum layout and weird way replies were handled at first.

Additionally, there are/were lots of negative people that were impossible to talk to, for me, so I just got sick of trying.

I also don't see as many topics I want to engage in, and I don't use my computer as much. I write wordy replies, so my phone & tablet are not optimal for forums.

Still hoping the forums one day return to the old format that we had before the site transitioned to what we have now. The current comment format is ok for blog stories, but I don't like it much applied to the forums.

In regards to negativity, actually, I've seen a lot more positivity in the past couple of weeks. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 posters who I frequently have either had positive or solid interactions with during the past two days alone.

Sure negativity exists, but that comes with the internet.

I personally think Reddit nullified posting on most forums for me. I no longer had to go from website to website when I can just stay on Reddit and have a feed of all the communities I use.

So I'm probably going to post a new, separate topic, but we're looking at the next round of tweaks for the site.

If you have an opinion on the forums, be sure to share it. Note that we probably won't do a full-scale transition to the type of antiquated forum model popular ten years ago, but we're certainly open to ideas.

If you have experience with mobile apps, get in touch, you might be able to help.

Thanks CORTJEZTER, I don't post in the forums (usually only stories), and frankly I've forgotten there were even forums on the site...but I'll do my part to check in periodically and contribute.

I will say however, that I do love GN, and I'm very thankful for the site and staff for all they do. Keep it up guys.

-- A fan.

So, what's wrong with an "antiquated forum model"?

Fri Feb 24 17 09:35pm
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I was a big fan of the old, antiquated model GN used to have. Felt like a proper place for discussion I'm also a fan of the new reply/notification system. For me, the ideal would be a merging of those two things.

Also, I liked how easy it was to see active topics on the old GN website. You went to GoNintendo and right there at the top were the recently discussed topics. Sidebar is nice, but I don't know how many people notice it.4

Lastly, an expanded ranking system would be nice (and I assume it is coming based on previous comments). It's a small thing, but it felt nice.

I've been doing a lot of topics to ill effect.

Seems like most of the active members like to discuss more in the chat.

I think the layout of this forum isn't great to say the least. I know it puts me off. And forums can be popular, it does depend on the community within to make it successful.

Im sure theres posts of me bitching about how the forums arent forums anymore..... lotsa active boards on a certain faq site

I used to post a lot on here from about 2012 but I don't like the new layout which basically killed the discussion on here.

I just joined the community some months ago, because I hoped that this is a good and well organized Website for communication between reaal Nintendo-fans. But it´s just as you´ve mentioned… so do you know any other place on the Internet that could be suiable instead of this website?


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