Can we please ban the posting of Emily Rogers' Rumors?

Seriously it's getting old seeing her posts every time when she's usually wrong with her rumors. There is no reason to post something every time she makes up BS rumors.

Thu Nov 17 16 11:52am
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RMC usually comments that her rumors are "accurate" most of the time. I'm not sure about that, but if you would like him to know your opinion about them I would recommend emailing him directly as he most likely won't see a post here.

You can vote down her stories, or try to hide them, but as long as she is getting lots of things right or at least partially right, he's going to keep posting her rumors.

If you'd like to send RMC a message of disapproval, just use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the blog (default is to submit tip; just click the "contact us" heading).

Thu Nov 17 16 03:29pm
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She's been right on multiple system updates (3DS Miiverse, Wii U VC, and more) and a few other things like Paper Mario and the Switch reveal week along with it being a hybrid unit.

She may be no saint but she's certainly worthy of sharing rumors for since the general reception for her rumors is positive compared to folks like Super Metal Dave who literally made up rumors in order to push the idea of an uber powerful PS4 Pro clone so he could get subs/attention.

But even with the faults of both "rumor makers," please, for the love of anything RMC don't censor another person. You already screwed it up with Pachter. Though since it is his site and he DOES trust emily and her rumors, I don't think that's something to worry about anytime soon.

She has been more right than wrong unlike certain idiot analist that has finally banned after all these years.

Stop being a jerk.

I don't know where you got the "usually wrong" thing. It sounds more likely you have a personal beef with her than anything she's done.

Cause if she is making up "BS rumors" as you claim then she is the luckiest woman alive.

I don't know where you got the "usually wrong" thing.

You can thank places like NeoGAF for that.

Fri Nov 18 16 12:39pm
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You mean where they dig up posts from Wii era where she was reporting what she was told and very few recent posts where she flat out said things could change or that certain things were maybe going to happen but weren't confirmed?

Or maybe the posts where she didn't actually say the things GAF says she did?

We'll just gloss over the Switch stuff because Mother 3 still hasn't come out or Zelda doesn't let you play a girl.

She has almost 80% of the time been right, but literally every time one of those things is wrong everyone flips their shit about how wrong she always is.

But I mean, okay. Could just not read rumor posts in general. A lot of the recent ones aren't even just her, but Eurogamer & that girl from that website I forget the name of. And they have been right.

The problem is that a lot of rumor mills tend to go with safe leaks, such as an announcement of a Mario game at launch of a system. A lot of rumors are also broad, such as specs or future game titles or even sequels of popular games. With the general obviousness of a lot of rumors, its incredibly easy to rack up "credibility" by being right.

On the other hand, the more outlandish rumors end up not being true at all. Yet, people brush these off as if it doesn't impact credibility. Something the rumor mills will just brandish it as a "cancelled" project or an "idea" that never got the green light.

Emily Rogers is notorious for her Project Cafe rumors where she ended up being wrong on most of them. She claimed she would delete her account if any of her rumors were wrong. Obviously, that was a ruse to get main stream attention where a user would be gone from the internet. It's classic click-bait.

Here's the flaw with your logic - you're already admitting at least 20% of her rumors are completely false. That alone should discredit someone IMO. At that point it becomes a spin the rumor wheel.

I think the idea that she is 'usually right' is assuming facts not in evidence (and I think RMC saying so every time gives a slightly misleading impression regarding the reliability of said rumors), though to be honest it is difficult to substantiate either way given how hard it is to actually pull up a complete history of her predictions due to her tendency of deleting everything whenever she gets something demonstrably and catastrophically wrong.

At any rate, her information is Nintendo news either way, so I do not see the harm in it being posted on this Nintendo news site.

Fri Nov 18 16 12:40pm
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Her reputation is more or less 50/50 (to be conservative, since I don't remember everything she's said), with her accuracy in regards to the Nintendo Switch stuff (when major sites will be revealing their info, when Nintendo would make the announcement themselves, what to expect from the system) being incredibly on-point. Her saying that we'd get that NS trailer hours before Nintendo themselves confirmed it, and the content of the trailer itself, was pretty much her redemption hour in my eyes.

It also helps that her recent rumors have been backed up by Laura Dale over at LPVG, who has been pretty accurate herself. I trust Emily's info at the moment, so no need to stick the fork on reporting her statements. (Though in general, I want the rumors to stop right now. We're a month away from the blowout reveal and I actually want to be completely surprised this time.)


Fri Nov 18 16 01:05pm
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No. If you don't like stories about her, just skip them. You don't need to read every article on the site.

Speculation has always been a part of the video game reporting.
If you look back at classic magazines, there were rumors then. And there are rumors now.
As for Emily Rogers, she has a track record that warrants not only her "rumors" being published but them being taken seriously.
Is everyone right ? No. But she is far more accuate than meteorologists and stock market analysts.
Personally, I look forward to what Emily has to say.

Far more accurate than meteorologists? LOL

I'm sorry, but that one was reaching a bit.

True. But meteorologists change their forecast until they get it right it seems.
I have literally (and I mean that in its literal sense) seen my local forecast on The Weather Channel app change more than once in an hour and several times during the day.

I don't feel like you understand how meteorology works. Please take the time to do some reading.

I was considering meteorology as a profession before there were video games. So I have some idea about the field.

That being said, I am completely aware that as additional input in received, forecasts changed.

But sometimes in an effort to be precise (in a field where you cannot be precise), forecasts seem to change constantly. And while that might make sense for the current situation, it is much harder to understand for forecasts one week out (where the chance of precipitation might change from 80% to 40% to 20% to 60% in a one-hour span for a period six days in the future).

She does not harm anyone and I see no point to start a witchhunt.The fact her posts annoy people actually make me want to see more news about her, she seems to have a power on the life of people she doesn't even know in the first place.

Are people going to be this upset over someone who's just a messenger for things that she's always aware are just rumors? Come on, if you think you're a bigger person than Emily that you have to complain about her in a site where the owner trusts her AND it's said owner's job to report Nintendo news while saying outright that it's a rumor, then you could stand to just ignore her.

Well Laura Kate Dale got blacklisted by Nintendo and Emily Rogers hasn't so I guess this pretty much confirms that Emily Rogers has been bullshitting us the entire time

What do you mean she got black listed by Nintendo?

Emily Rogers doesn't ask for review units/copies of Nintendo games. Dale does as she does other gaming things outside of rumors. This means nothing.

I don't like her either, but you can go into your profile settings and filter out articles with certain keywords so you don't see anything from her.


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