What's the best New Super Mario Bros. game?

We know SMB 3 and World have a cult status but since the New Super Mario series went across 4 games I just wonder if I missed a remarkable one. I only played the original thought it was a fun game that fitted well with the DS library, visually it didn't seem that interesting on consoles but like they say, it's one thing looking at a game and another one playing it (#Tokitori).

Put in other words which one would be the one people remember when Nintendo eventually changes the art style in a meaningful way.

Sat Jun 24 17 12:18am
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Imma tell you right now, as someone who really doesn't like the games as much.

Hands down it's NSMBU, it's the only one I'd think about replaying multiple playthroughs of, because it feels definitive.

Super Mario 3D World is certainly the best NSMB game, since it's NSMB in everything but name and is a lot more creative than the NSMB series.

Though since that sadly doesn't count (even though 3D Land/World are just NSMB games in 3D spaces) I'll go with the DS NSMB, since it doesn't fall victim to the Mario Bible curse that the other three games do, and some of the original songs are actually really really good (Such as the Bowser Castle theme which is 100000x better than the boring crud in the other NSMB games)

They all sort of have their individual (positive) qualities...

DS is the original. It's probably the most distinct from the three other games, has original bosses, and its music is great (for being the first game to use the later-recycled melodies).

Wii has some pretty great multiplayer, okay-ish extra modes, and the Koopalings were a nice surprise.

2 had the best level design, imo. Other than that, it doesn't have much. Coin Rush was cool for like, a few levels. DLC was eh.

U looks the prettiest (obviously) and the multiplayer is still a lot of fun. I'd agree in saying it's the definitive entry of the four.

So yeah, for me, the best one is NSMBU, followed by NSMBDS, NSMBW, NSMB2.

I would agree and say, for me, NSMBU has been the best of the bunch.

I'm actually hoping next year we get a NSMBSwitch. Not a port, a new entry in the series. Once the Wii U engine and assets are ported to Switch the development time is largely a level design issue rather than a technical one. And maybe Nintendo could take inspiration from Mario Maker to help with level design (i've no doubt they already are)

Although I would LOVE a new sprite-based 2D Mario side-scroller rather than the NSMB style. Or maybe we get a game that has "worlds" in the different styles.

Not having played NSMB2 (though I admit I want to), I'm gonna say NSMBU for pretty much the same reason of feeling definitive.

Side question: If we were to consider New Super Luigi U, should it be considered as a separate game or as DLC for NSMBU?

Mon Jun 26 17 07:31pm
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Personally, I tend to view NSMBU + NSLU as 2D Mario's Sonic 3 & Knuckles equivalent: solid products on their own, but basically the undisputed peak of the franchise when put together. Two decently-sized campaigns, five-player semi-asynchronous semi-competitive co-op, Challenge mode (where even the co-op bits can actually be tackled singleplayer), and level design that is flat-out bananas.

The amount of thought that went into how the stages were put together, the surprisingly versatile moveset, and the things that their interplay allows players to do is honestly kind of mindblowing.

Look at this stuff:

Or look at the first five videos here for the different completely (insane) ways that it is possible to play through just one level that intentionally accommodates all of them:


Not just every platform, but every enemy, every power-up, every coin has a specific purpose for being where it is placed down to the pixel and frequently timed to when it is there down to the millisecond.

And this applies to both the standard NSMBU as well as Weegee's campaign, which also had the benefit of levels that could be pretty nuts even for just basic completion. At times players have to deal with an absolutely heroic number of moving platforms and obstacles (and without the checkpoint spam or general lack of polish that handicap most indie platformers).

So this is the game people will remember as peak of the NSMB series? (Gameplaywise, since I know it definitely was held back by the console install base, going by its numbers).

"So this is the game people will remember as peak of the NSMB series?"

I dunno if it is the one they will remember. Anecdotally, there were a lot of complaints back when it first came out primarily about the aesthetics being 'played out' and people feeling fatigue with the subseries's generally-static presentation by that point.


But it is definitely the one they should remember.

The DS game had the timing of having people being thirsty for a 2D Mario. In contrast NSMBU was coming very shortly after 3D Land and NSMB2. So yeah saturation does play a factor. Like if instead of a yearly franchise we got two games of the same franchise on the same year. (If I recall that did happen to Assassin's Creed once).

Oh dang, you just reminded me how amazing NSLU was. Outside of the DS NSMB/SMA2 I don't think I've ever had so much fun with a 2D Mario platformer. The short levels feel perfect for me

I like all equally except for the 3DS one, that felt incomplete to me

Wed Jul 19 17 03:41pm
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NSMBU I think is the best of the bunch, even if it has the same sterile aestethics of the past games. I still find them fun to play.But I think that the most remembered will be the DS and Wii ones.

I just wish that they would give it the same amount of excitment when developing them like they do the 3D ones.

U > DS > and the rest are tied.

U > Wii > DS > 3DS

They are all great games except for NSMB:2. DS was the one that started the new trend. It was a breath of fresh air and had a ton of fun minigames to go along with it. Wii was great 4 player fun. U took everything Wii had done and made it better. 2 was just not very memorable at all and rather boring in my opinion.


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