Hey everyone, I was at the EU Switch event and here's a couple of thoughts.

Hi everyone, so that's my very first topic on the actual forum of Gonintendo so that's already something worth mentioning, for me at least ^^

As the title says I was there at the press event with my association Nor'Geek. We are based in France so we went to the Paris event. Here are random thoughts. I'm not planning on doing this in a super organized way, so I'd rather just comment on a couple stuff and see if people actually want to talk about it. I'd love to share impressions or answer questions if some are interested.

First, the hardware itself. The console is actually smaller than I thought it was. It's not a bad thing of course, it's just that it is more compact than it first seemed in trailers in my opinion. That also means very portable and easy to handle. It does not feel too big in your hands as some people complained about when the gamepad came out for example. The screen is pretty cool, backlighting works fine and you can look at it from pretty much any angle, it looks fine. The console is not too heavy but it still has a nice weight to it, same goes for the joycons. they do not feel like cheap pieces of plastic, you can actually feel that you have something in your hands and I think we'll all agree that it's a good thing.

The different types of controllers all seemed fine to me. The Pro controller in particular is pretty awesome. It's a nice continuation of the Wii U Pro with asymetrical analogs this time. The one thing that I love the most about the Pro is that it doesn't have a "main" position. The dualshock always felt like they had a "main" position for your hands, where your fingers naturally fall in place respectively on the d-pad and the buttons. On the other hand the analogs on that controller always felt like they were in secondary position, and that's something I really didn't like too much about it even though you get used to it. The Switch Pro controller however doesn't really have a "main" position. You can either play with the dpad or the stick and it still feels very natural.

The joycons attached to the grip were the big surprise for me. Simply put, they feel great and I can easily imagine myself playing for hours with them. The one thing that could be a problem is the secondary stick that could get in the way of actually reaching the buttons. I imagine that could ba a problem for some but personally, I thought it was great.

The analog sticks on the joycons are very small though. I think they will be fine with most games, but I don't think you could comfortably play an fps with them for example. They were fine for Zelda though and pretty much all the games I've played that made use of them.

Well that's already a couple points explained. I'd love to share impressions on software as well but I wanted to start the discussion with hardware since these are probably the first questions that could pop in people's heads. So software will wait a little ^^

Wed Jan 18 17 04:01pm
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Thanks for your insights! Most of my questions were about games. But I appreciated reading you hardware impressions

Thanks !
If you have questions about the software, I'd be happy to answer.

I played Zelda, MK8DX, USF2, BombermanR, ARMS, a couple of 1 2 Switch games and Sonic Mania. I wish I had played Splatoon2 and Snipperclips as they were the other ones that I really wanted to try out but lines closed pretty early.

What are your thoughts of ARMS as a single player game? I'd love to play local multiplayer but for now at least am hesitant about shelling the money for 2 more Joycons!

ARMS as a single player game.
I actually asked the nintendo reps but they couldn't answer. They simply said more will be announced later and that they could not get any more specific but I suspect they had nothing to say really.

So I have no idea what form it will take. My guess is that they will go the Punch Out way and just have one fight after the other with light story elements.

As far as the gameplay goes now. I could only try the two player mode but from what I've played, depending on the quality of the AI, the solo could be a great way to train but the heart of the game will be in vs fighting.

To be clear, there are no special moves. Furies are guardable. Dash is super tight, it's really just dodging and it doesn't allow you to go super far super fast. Combo are not tied to specials either, they're just what you do with your fists punching around, so they're 100% organic. Because of all of this, this game is first and foremost zoning strategies. I mean at first, you pick up the game and go crazy but very quickly it becomes apparent that it will be a zoning game.

And the thing with zoning is that you can train against an AI, but it will never really be as interesting as it is against a real opponent. So unless they announce out of the blue a substancial solo mode, I'd say ARMS is meant to be played multiplayer.

Fri Jan 20 17 01:29am
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Thanks for sharing! Pre-ordered?
I actually cancelled mine; I could write a ton on that subject, but the bottom-line for me is that a Switch at the end of 2017 sounds like a must-have, while a Switch in March just doesn't.

I intend to pre-order as soon as I find decent prices in France. Right now it seems every single retailers have agreed that they will rip us off 40€ by pricing the console 330€ and the games systematically 10€ more expensive than what they should be.

I'm okay with spending 360€ at launch for a Switch with Zelda but not 400€. It's more of a rant against european retailers than against Nintendo as I do think the 300€ price point is okay.

I'm waiting as we're getting closer to release, I'm confident that some retailers will break the price and that will push the others to do the same. That's what happened with Wii U and 3DS after all. Actually one retailer just lowered to 380€ for the console plus zelda. O that's just 20€ more than what I should be paying.The others might react. We'll see.

Pre-ordering sounds like a messy dance over there. Best of luck.

First time I haven't held, or tried to hold, a pre-order for the next thing from Nintendo in awhile. Feels oddly serene.

Good on you man.
It's good to know what you want, and/or how much you're ready to pay, and stick to it.

I mean I'm the biggest Zelda fan out there and I thought the hardware was terrific, but if I can't find satisfying pricing over there in time, then I guess I'll just skip launch day. Which to me means that I get Zelda on Wii U.


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