Rumors Gamestop Switch Launch games and Moar

I went to gamestop, and having a conversation about switch he told me there is a list for Nintendo Switch as 50 games for Launch and for some reason they haven't announce it.

We discussed why Skyrim is being published by Nintendo, it is because Nintendo paid some money and they are changing the formar from bluray to Switch Cartridge.
NBA 2k18 is being published by Nintendo if you check best buy website as another example.
He stated Skyrim is launch game such as Fifa.

There is a new Persona for Development for Switch if he was not confused as the new SMT recently announced, forgot to ask him really.

Then he asked why I didn't preorder Resident Evil 7?
I replied, because it is not for switch even though rumors said R7 was being released for a Cartridge meaning it is coming to Switch?
But he did not confirm anything and he was checking his pc.
Subject to change.

We discussed why gamestop is canceling Switch preorders and he replied "it only applies to people that preorder switch for than once in different stores"

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