Fast RMX Strategies

Now that I beat Zelda finally, I've been looking for techniques to not suck in Fast RMX. I'd call myself a pretty decent F-Zero player throughout the whole series, but Fast is a whole different beast. I'm constantly hitting walls and getting owned in Novice even. it's kind of a pride hit.

Any recommended good handling vehicles and pointers?

I'll just reply to my own post and say I finally figured it out. Guang Zhou, though lacking in top speed, has a ton of acceleration, great turn radius, and good boost. And by good, I mean great. I also figured out that top speed really doesn't seem to mean much.
Boost is where it's at, especially when you're in air. And get out of the air as soon as possible, because you lose a decent bit of speed in air.
Once I figured all of these things out, I've been doing pretty well online, all while also being able to finally smoke the computer.

Thanks for this! I've been wondering which the best machine was, I like Rochdale but I'll give Guang Zhou a try - and thanks for the tips about top speed and air time. Should really help against that tricky computer.

Glad I could help! I was getting very discouraged until I figured this all out..!

I really hope at some point they can make a patch to fix the awful rubber band AI.


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