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Figured I'd make a thread for discussion about any collections regarding Gaming. From actual games, to Collector's Editions, Figurines, Statues, Cards, Consoles, Controllers, and so on. Anything as long as it related to gaming.

Feel free to post Pictures of your Collection, or just talk and discuss about others' collections or what you WANT to collect, or just WHY you collect, so on and so on.

Go Nuts


This is my (slightly outdated) collection of games, figurines, statues, etc etc, of which I am quite proud of. I have remodeled the shelves and such a lot after these were taken, but these at least shows most of it.





I always have trouble with collecting, since I want so much. It is hard to balance the game/controllers/console side and the merchendice/statues/etc side. Especially with things like the First4Figures statues being so costly, yet I really want them (have 7 so far, yay).

Also, I only have ONE Waluigi thing in my entire Nintendo room. :c I am ashamed.

Sun Apr 30 17 02:39pm
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Waluigi is the Dick Dastardly of the Mario series, he just needs his own Mutley.

Nice new thread, by the way. I'll share my (very small compared to yours) collection later, everything's in different places in my room, which is also a mess.

Wario is Mutley enough, isn't he? XD But yeah, I just wish he had some more stuff in the form of merchendice. I have his Amiibo, but that's about it.

And thank you kindly. Smile Also, please do share whenever you want to. ^^ Even a smaller collection is always nice to see.

Thank you for all of the pics, Hammer! You have quite a nice collection. Smile Imagine having all of it more in the same space, it will look even bigger and nicer. XD

You have quite a lot of stuff I want, as well. Plenty of bundles/editions for games. I have sorta a goal to get ALL Special Editions/Bundles/etc that are Nintendo-made/exclusive, so, I have quite a ways to go. Also, is that a Mario & Sonic bundle thingy? I forget that existed. D: Darn.

Also want that Luigi and Yoshi figures. I have the big Mario one, but those two seems to not release in Sweden. ^^"

Mon May 01 17 08:44pm
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Haha, I need to get more shelves and move all my non-gaming stuff to another room XD

Yep, that's a Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 + Blue Wiimote Plus bundle, as far as I know, it was released only in the Americas.
Fun fact, the bundle was slightly cheaper than the standalone game, but it's gonna have a permanent price attached to it, I'll NEVER gonna get a color-matching Nunchuck unless it's one of those 3rd-party ones, which I refuse to buy.

I also have the same goal, and then I realised I was an idiot for selling my Metroid Prime + Metroid Prime 2 Bonus Disc, I'm trying to get it once again, that's what happens when you get so used to the controls on the Wii version and go back to the GCN one. Another boxed bundle I have is Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, but there's no way that's gonna fit with the rest.

I know there are other options, but when it comes to series like Zelda, Metroid, MOTHER, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy and Bayonetta, I've accepted that amiibo figures are my only source of merchandise. I mean, prices here in Mexico for official merchandise are a joke, and I know there's the World of Nintendo series, but stores only seem to get Mario stuff, do I need more of that? Maybe for Daisy, Waluigi, Wario, Rosalina, Bowser and Dr. Mario (if there's anything), the only exceptions so far are that Yellow Pikmin plush I saw in a supermarket and a Power Suit Samus in a 2nd hand store.

Interesting, so Sweden got the big Mario but not the Luigi and Yoshi ones? That's strange.

EDIT: I wish there was a way to upvote fourm threads.

No worries, though, I know it is a real pain sometimes to make a collection look good (I still do not deem mine to 'look' good, haha).

And I see.. only released in America? That is a shame, but I guess it makes it easier for me for now, hah. I sadly only have some normal White Wiimotes and the Luigi one. I forgot to get all the other Mario ones before they vanished in most places, so I will have to try to snatch them up soon. ^^" I won't be satesfied until I have all the Wiimote variants. Oh, and I also really want that Dance Dance Mario Mix box (with all the stuff). XD Luckily, it is available in some ways here. Smile

Also, ooh, I guess Mexico is rather pricey when it comes to gaming stuff, then? Sorry to hear that, that outta make it harder. :s Hope you'll get lucky to score some nice stuff, though. We ALL need more Waluigi in our lives.
Oh, and yes, we got the Mario, but not the full set, which sucks. -w- Also, I do have the Yellow and Red Pikmin plushies, but... the Blue one never released here. Those monsters. :c

To get all special Editions in the future, or past ones too?

Both. ^^ I aim to make sure I get all special/limited/collector's/big-box editions of Nintendo titles, or titles releasing on Nintendo consoles. And I try to go back and pick up older ones whenever I can.

Example, I bought the Hey You, Pikachu! Microphone Bundle (decent condition) for about the price of a Amiibo. ^^ Granted, it is the Japanese version, which was cheaper here, but still.

Speaking of Hey You, Pikachu! Wasn't that game unreleased in Europe?

I actually have no idea. Let me look it up.

*looks it up*

Huh, it really never WAS released here. Well then, I am super glad I could find the Japanese big box version for so cheap, then. ^^ I'd love to have the US box as well someday, but it costs like 10 times more, haha.

Thank you. ^^

Also, to update on my collection, I just bought Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition.

Sun Apr 30 17 08:25pm
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You make me really regret not having the boxes for older systems I inherited from older siblings like the gameboy and snes.

I have been working on my collection of NES for a couple of years, but I still have a ways to go. I have a lot, but nowhere close to the amount on this youtube video. I'm jealous. Sad


You guys have some awesome collections! I don't have nearly that much gaming stuff. The stuff I do have is currently tucked away in a big drawer. Hopefully someday I can have a dedicated gaming room, but I don't want to over-run my bedroom with everything.

Thank you, Mako, if I was included in your 'you guys'. ^^ And man, my collection looks so small there. It's grown a lot this past year. I will have to post updated pictures of my collection soon. Once my Zelda Figma and some other junk arrives, I'll do new pictures.

Oh, and shame you don't have the space to display your stuff, Mako. When/if you gets some spare shelves to put it all up on, do share some pictures. Smile

I also have gotten A LOT of stuff. And just today/yesterday, I found something I haven't seen here in Mexico, a Game Boy Printer.

When I return from my trip, I'll share some new pics, including my "new" systems and "imported" games.

I just have some game cases, boxes, amiibo, artbooks and a couple of miscellaneous items above my desk.

Update time, and it's a big one.

New items from June 2017 to January 3rd, 2018.

If you can't identify them:


That's quite a bit, and if it wasn't because a seller didn't make up his mind, I would also have Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, both for DS. Aside from those, I also got Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and the only two Kirby keychain plushies I've seen in my area, but I gave them as Christmas gifts.

With all these new items, I'm REALLY running out of space now.

Oooh, nice haul, Hammer. Even a Virtual Boy?! I really need to get my hands on a Virtual Boy (with it's box) but they are SO expensive. Nice stuff you got. A lot of things I do not have (and if you have not already, do play that StarFox Guard. Guard was awesome, I want a sequel).

I am still waiting for my next batch of stuff to arrive, once they come I will take new pictures as well. ^^ I also snagged the Assassin's Creed 3 Special Edition (for Wii-U) and the Black Flag Skull Edition (also Wii-U) which means I now have... about 15 of the 24 various types of Big-Box games for Wii-U. (I have probably missed some, but for now, I googled and only found 24 different ones). ^^ Awesome.

Well that is nice. A collection doesn't have to take up a while room to be awesome. ^^


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