Scam redirects when browsing on iphone

The past few days I have noticed when browsing the website from an iPhone with Safari I load up a thread from the main page I will get redirected to a scam page with a popup where they try to tell you your iphone is infected etc. I simply close the browser tab but it makes viewing the site on my phone impossible. I've tried clearing all safari cache/history but doesn't seem to make a difference. I don't experience this on any other webpage on my iPhone and can browse Gonintendo from Safari on mac without issues.

Anyone else encounter this?

That might have been due to the old ad company GN was using. RMC recently switch to a new system relatively recently.

If you are experiencing issues with ads, please contact RMC directly.

I've had this happen as recently as yesterday. I've contacted RMC about this numerous times in the past, but it continues to be a problem. It's pretty disappointing honestly.

As for me, there's not much I can do about it. I don't control the ad code, I just implement what is given to me from RMC.

Yup, I know it isn't up to you (or Cort). Heck, if it was, it would probably already be solved!

I'm just hoping that the issue becomes visible enough that RMC can do something permanent about it.

Pretty sure this issue has been around for years. I remember tons of mobile hijacks with complaining and nothing ever got done about it. If T27Duck is right then that should be reduced.

That happens to me and I'm on android.

Also, most recently, the entire page freezes for up to 10 seconds until the ad banners finish loading. Very frustrating when you can't click the post you want to read.

Why you iPhone, bro? No puter?


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