New tag proposal: Leak

With E3 coming, I feel like there definitely should be a new tag: Leak.
I'm sure a lot of us don't want to see leaks before the intended reveal, just like there are plenty of people who do want to see the leaks... The filtering feature works great to have everyone only see the articles they want, but there's one flaw: There is no real way to filter out leaks. They won't be tagged as rumors (because they're not) and you can't always filter out based on title either, because RMC can sometimes get a bit creative with the title. For example:

"Japan Expo Twitter tweets about <unannounced game> and then deletes the tweet."

There's no way to predict a title like this to filter it out. If we had a "Leak" tag (and if RMC were to use it), then people like me can still use this site without any fear of leaks (and rumors) so we can still have some surprises for E3, because I think one already got spoiled for me now.

And be mindful of me and like-minded people; don't start talking about <announced game> here. For now I only know it exists. I don't need to know even more than that

Sun Jun 04 17 11:03am
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I passed this information on to RMC as he'd be the one who'd have to do it.

Thank you! It's very much appreciated

Do you know if RMC has seen this thread and will introduce the Leak tag?

I forward him the link to this thread when it was made. Never heard back from him.

That's a shame. Seeing how the Leak tag doesn't stick when I try to filter it out in my settings, it's safe to say it hasn't been introduced (yet)

Good idea Nurio. Hopefully RMC gets a chance to add this in soon.

Man, I really hope RMC has this in place in case anything leaks tomorrow.

Mon Jun 12 17 08:33am
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Yeah, same. I asked T27Duck if RMC has read this thread

Pretty much all news for the week off and week preceding E3 will be E3 related news.

Is it too much trouble for you to just not browse GoNintendo?

Because even if RMC takes his on board, it's added overhead to his already massive workload and no doubt there will be dispute over what is and what is not a "leak".

The easiest and immediately effective option would be for those that don't want things spoiled, by their personal definition of spoiled, to just not browse GoNintendo or similar sites.

That's not an unreasonable option. And it's not difficult.

I've done it for every season of Game of Thrones thus far, as I prefer to binge the entire season. Not once have I had things spoiled because I simply avoid websites where I would normally see such stuff. And that's for 3-4 months not a week or two and arguable more mainstream.

You make it sound like this is such a terrible proposal and that I shouldn't have proposed it in the first place. Yes, I can just not browse GoNintendo, of course. But if this proposal gets accepted, then it would be even better.

I understand the binge argument, but I don't have the time for that. I can find pockets of a few minutes here and there to check GoNintendo daily, but not to catch up on news of 2 weeks.

It's not a terrible proposal, but I'm just saying it's not a requirement for you to avoid leaks today.

Sure it'd make it easier on this site, and if implemented then great.

The same kind of debate will likely spring up soon when we start seeing more about Super Mario Odyssey - there will be people who won't want to know things and there will be things "spoiled" in titles, images, tag lines etc etc.

And as I said, if RMC then posts something without the leak or spoiler tag because he didn't deem it necessary but someone else does, then that person will just get upset at that.

One workaround for you could be to use Twitter, follow GoNintendo, and use the "mute keyword" functionality to block any and all tweets from showing in your feed containing those words.
Every post is tweeted as far as I know so you'll see all GoNintendo stories except those filtered by keyword.

It's effective. I've effectively erased any tweets revolving around Trump from my feed. Included retweets, quoted tweets, likes, replies etc.

Okay, then I misinterpreted your post; sorry.

I don't think there will be much ambiguity about what constitutes as a leak, though. Unlike spoilers, where it's different for everyone, a leak is clearly defined. It's information that has leaked out either accidentally or purposely before an official announcement. Usually this is about game or feature announcements. The Hyrule Legends Warriors trailer is a very good example.
Ironically, unlike spoilers, leaks aren't really considered at all. RMC often puts (what he thinks are) spoilers after the break, but I haven't seen him do that with leaks at all. And the <unannounced game> is another example of him not keeping this in mind at all.

As for the Twitter advice: Thanks! But I don't think that will block out much more than I can do with the personalized feed I am already using, since I can already filter out on keywords for my personalized feed. The problem arises when RMC uses creative wording that doesn't have any predictable keywords in it. That's where a tag would come in handy.

I'm not sure if it would put much more burden on RMC since a leak is already clearly defined and adding a tag shouldn't be particularly arduous. RMC does tag rumors interestingly enough, which is why I think he might also add tags for leaks if only he knew it's a wanted feature

I'll just drop here essentially what I posted in a similar thread:

Contact RMC or other writers directly (form on the home page), or via PM. No guarantee he'll respond, but he's usually pretty good about it. We have already built the necessary tools and features into the site, it's just a matter of altering years of ingrained habits.

We do appreciate all suggestions, though understand that one person's helpful idea may be a deal-breaking nuisance for another, so while we listen, we may not always act upon every idea shared with us. In that case, as was said in this thread, you may consider altering your own habits an easier fix than waiting for others to do so. Smile


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