With the success of Super Bomberman R, isn't it likely we'll see more Konami collabs/revivals announced at E3?

So, Super Bomberman R is one the best, if not the best selling Bomberman game and currently the most sold third party game on Switch. It's the second collab Konami has done with Nintendo in the last year or so(they licensed out a train game series to Nintendo that they had Vahalla do a new Japan only 3DS entry of, that was also reasonably successful).
Looking at this, doesn't it seem likely that Nintendo and Konami would have another couple projects in development? Between Konami's remaining teams, and some possibly collabs it would really fill a nice AA niche. Personally I'm expecting 2-3 games announced at Nintendo's E3 conference likely also revivals. SBR had a realitively short development time, and if the same team is working on another project it would likely be ready for the holidays.

What would you guys like to see? Personally I'd love to see a Goemon revival, maybe partnered up with Good Feel(where a lot of the series developers currently work

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