Games that take time to get good

I've been playing Gravity Rush 2, to be honest the game has been a slog to get through mainly giving it a try because of presentation and hoping the story ends on a high note. What I didn't expect was introducing a mechanic hours into the game that makes the game feel different and may I say it, more fun.

I wanted to open a thread about games that hold back the goodies after several hours of play. I think another example is Twilight Princess, like with Gravity Rush I think developers take a lot of time putting up to speed new players making experience ones having to be patient to get to the good parts of the game.

IMO TP improves from the second dungeon because of the magnetic boots, has a little downtime until the water temple and after that the game opens and the upcoming dungeons IMO are the best ones.

While Other M isn't a good game like RMC said back when it came out, the after credits section may be what the game should have been from the start, dropping Samus in a foreboding environment, letting the player use every tool to discover secrets and new areas and enemies and the feeling of being alone.

What games do you think should have had their best early than later.

The first Mass Effect.

I remember my first attempt at playing it and found it a little slow and boring, but once you get off the Citadel then game opens up and went on to being one of my favourite games and series.

Xenoblade. Being a completionist nut, I spent 6 hours in Colony 9 fighting basic enemies and trying to take on side missions, only to get so bored I turned off the game and sold it. I didn't even get to the part where the town got attacked or whatever... That's how much into exploring and goofing off I was. Great in other games like Zelda or Ys, but not so much for XB1, and everyone else says it gets a lot better as you go through, but I don't really believe that game is for me. Too sleep inducing, but I am excited for Xenoblade 2 because of the improved art style and how everything seems faster to me.

Wed Sep 20 17 11:24pm
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Then stop, because it gets way more stacked. Basically in every new settlement you'll find a considerable list of quests (which in my case, I see them as excuses for grinding, instead of just killing monsters). I have to admit I haven't come back after the 6th town you find, because it just seems neverending. And worse of all, for some reason my affinity is still low, I haven't met the requirements for several spots that require that affinity.

Still, system wise is one of the better modern JRPGs.

- You can jump over any fence, drop from great heights, most sidequests complete automatically by collecting what you need, battles take place on the overworld and combine real time and turn base systems. In comparison to Tales and Final Fantasy, this game controls better, and so far the story has been very good. It's just that the sidequests feel for the most part like padding, feels like they're mainly to level up, moreso enriching your relations with the NPCs IMO.

All the Xenoblades improve as you progress.

I'm not gonna go through 50-100 hours of filler garbage for the game to get good. People thought Bravely Default and Pokemon Sun/Moon taking 20 hours to get to the exciting epic stuff was too much but from what I heard about the first game at least (And if my little playtime on that title trying to get stuff done was evident enough) it would take WAY longer at my pace to get everything done and have the story move along at an interesting pace. Maybe if there wasn't a stupid auto-attack and the combat was like zelda the game would be enjoyable

Xenoblade, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Nioh.... At least so far in my own experience.

Fri Sep 22 17 07:23am
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little king story. spent 5 hours trying to understand why this game is so amazing. and then I did...the game is so good that I got bored of pikmin3 over 4 years later.

also fragile dreams. You need to gather all collectibles (ESPECIALLY the last 7 ones) in order to understand the entire story. By the time I got the last few memories, the game got elevated from a niche action RPG to one of the greatest experiences I ever had on ANY console! (helps if you understand instrumentality ie The Rediscovery of Man or the more popular Neon Genesis Evangelion)


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