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I was wondering if anyone would like to comment on the new Netflix series based on the renowned videogame series, and loosely adapting Dracula's Curse. I find it amazing, especially considering the standards we have had in adapting videogames into movies, cartoons, anime, etc.

Spoiler free opinion:

I like so far in, that what happens in these episodes is plausible context for the game. We see the setup for the conflict, we get to know the antagonist, protagonist and his allies and despite the graphic violence and language I didn't felt it much of a stretch this was a bad interpretation of what could have happened in the background. I also liked the attempts at humor, since I think part of videogame adaptations kinda lack a bit of making fun of themselves (intentionally). Also given how Trevor was also lacking in layers as a character I also like the attempt of making him have his quirks instead of just being the typical serious hero or antihero we constantly get.

In regards to production I find them good enough, I was wondering how they'll go in terms of artstyle since I may pledge ignorance but I don't see many R-rated animation from the west aside from satire comedy, and the DC animated films, which by the way most do seem to have anime influences also. While the main criticism I've heard is being too anime. I like to counter with Rondo of Blood and Portrait of Ruin as being full anime in terms of character design. This one seems more like middle of the road. Kinda like Dante's Inferno animation.

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