What is the best way to sell video games?

I'm looking to sell 300+ video games and pare down my collection. I know Amazon and eBay are the big marketplaces to sell games, but as such they're also really crowded. Is there any place you can recommend selling games? I'm not trying to make a lot of money off of them, I just don't want to get ripped off. (And please do not suggest GameStop. I worked there for a long time - I know they don't offer near what a game is worth; and they charge 8x what they offer.)

Ebay is usually the best place as its a global marketplace. There are so many buyers that you will get the "market" price. That said, if you want more you can always set your starting price higher. You might get lucky.

I'd add that you could potentially look at the Amazon trade-ins.

Even though you and donkeybrothers already mentioned it, eBay might be your best bet in this case for getting the most value for your games. You will be able to get market value this way. There are some sites out there where you can send in your games/cds/dvds/etc in bulk and they will give you cash, but you won't be getting market value this way. Good luck! ^_^

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Ebay. Single list the rare games and try to move the common ones in bulk/lots.
Oh shoot. Just noticed this is an old post. OP probably already sold them.

Wed Dec 20 17 12:52am
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Check out Game Trading Zone
I've been a member there for 18 years. Since you'll be new to the community, just make sure you trade or sell to users who've already built a reputation for themselves. Sometimes two new users try and work out a deal together and it doesn't always end well because there is no way of knowing how reliable the other user will be.


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