What if Retro's big game is a 2D Mario?

This hit me the other day: what if the big game Retro's been working on is a sprawling, ambitious, packed-to-the-gills 2D Mario? The New Super Mario Bros series has, in my opinion, run its course. The devs at Nintendo don't put nearly the budget or passion into 2D Mario that it deserves. It seems to me that Retro would be perfect at making a glossy, secret-filled, *ambitious* 2D Mario that actually pushed the genre again. I've enjoyed the NSMB games, but they aren't thoughtful enough. They don't get the polish of the 3D games. A really classic 2D Mario on Switch would change lives. A huge map with differentiated worlds, branching paths, levels with multiple exits and living, breathing design. That would be fabulous. Give the job to someone who would put in effort, not just build a bunch of levels and then call it a day. All NSMB U was was an HD shine on some hastily thrown-together levels. At least compared to what it *should* have been. To show they mean business, call it "Super Mario Bros. 5" or something without the "New." If they made a 2D game with the care and creativity that went into the brilliant Oddysey, they would blow minds. The fact that Rayman Legends is the only 2D platformer in recent history to push the envelope in terms of art, levels, creativity, music, and detail is kind of shocking. I'm ready to be blown away: and I think giving 2D Mario to Retro could do that. What do you think?

A Retro Studios 2d Mario would be amazing.

Fri Mar 02 18 02:19pm
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No against the idea, but I think Nintendo wants for other developers making different types of Mario games. Other than being platformers.

Retro also in the past years have put listings for boss AI programming and I think it was 3D level design.

Considering the long development time, I think it's possibly a new IP.

My pipe dream will be if they are doing something like F-Zero. I do wonder if that IP could be something other than a racing game, and using the high speed for another type of engaging experience. Just a thought.

Captain Falcon: The Blue Blur

That would be awesome..but I dount it. It seems that Nintendo (cofmiyamotocof) wants it to be done by japanese and not "gaijins".

Retro or no, the series really need to be done by people that actually loves 2D Mario. It's obvious that Miyamoto dislikes it and only makes it because of the money it brings. 2D Mario deserves more attention to 3D Mario, which only sells to fanboys.

I agree that the New Super Mario Bros games started out great. DS was a fresh take on the classic style and started it all. Wii added multiplayer and was still a lot of fun. NSMB2 on 3DS was very uninspired to me. I barely remember playing it. The Wii U game I felt was superior than the rest, but by that time is was more of the same thing, just done a bit better.

It would be cool if Retro was working on an overhaul of the 2D Mario genre. A different art style. new level designs, and other unique ideas. I'm sure they could make a great 2D Mario game if given the chance.

A new F-Zero would be amazing! ^_^

It would almost certainly be one of the greatest games ever made.

What if Retro had been working on Labo but Nintendo kept their names out of he credits to avoid a freakout?!!


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