Switch + a game. Which one?

Right now, Sam's Club in Mexico is having a sale, and it happens to have a Nintendo Switch with black Joy-Cons and a game. The possible games are

*The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
*Super Mario Oddysey
*Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
*Splatoon 2
*Pokkén Tournament DX

I'm planning to get one, but I'm unsure of what game to select. Which one would you recommend me?

Thu Mar 29 18 07:21pm
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Can't really go wrong with any of those, but it really just depends on what you're looking for. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are both in leagues of their own but if you want something multiplayer Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are both fantastic as well.

But if it were me and I had to choose one I'd just go with BOTW honestly.

Hey Hammer! Did you make a purchase yet? I had this great comment written outlining the pros and cons of those options but my browser crashed so here's the short version!

BOTW gets my number 1 vote, followed by Mario. Unless you're all about multiplayer, then go for Splatoon! They're all great options though so it's hard to go wrong!

If you've already bought, what did you go for? Do you like it?

Breath of the Wild (great game, only problem is that it starts to get a bit stale like 70 hours in because it just devolves into collecting korok seeds and looking forever for the last few shrines) or Splatoon 2 (even if you're like me and don't like multiplayer games much, I think you'll really enjoy it, one of my personal favorites from 2017). Odyssey is great, but after you complete the game (which doesn't take that long) there really isn't much to compel you to get all 1000 moons (I completed it with like 350 or so moons). But those would be my top three choices. Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Odyssey.

Mario Kart is Mario Kart. If you've played any Mario Kart you pretty much know what you're gonna get, it's just up to you if that's what you want or not. There isn't like any mission mode or story mode in it, it's just a decent selection of tracks. Great for playing with friends though.

Hey King, that's really interesting that you rate Splatoon 2 so highly even though you're not into multiplayer. Would you say that's cause there's enough single-player content for you or because the game is just so good you get over your usual dislike of multiplayer?

Sun Apr 01 18 01:05pm
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Really a mixture of both. The single-player is actually decently lengthy, especially if you attempt to 100% it. But I mostly am referring to the multiplayer. It's addictive like no other multiplayer game. Usually I stop playing a multiplayer game after a month or so (like Overwatch, for example), but Splatoon just has me hooked. Being able to customize your inkling to your liking with gear that have unique abilities, along with the huge variety of weapons, subweapons, specials. The new stages, weapons, and even modes (in some rarer cases, see: Clam Blitz) constantly being added. It's fantastic. And since matches are only 5 minutes in ranked mode and 3 minutes in regular mode, they're over in a flash and you just can't help but be like "just one more match before I go to bed!"

And with the Octo expansion coming out later this year, Splatoon 2 will probably remain one of my favorite games of this year as well. If you've never played a Splatoon game, I highly suggest trying it out. I think most of us Nintendo fans here have played a Mario Kart, Mario platformer, or Zelda game before. And so the Switch entries aren't THAT different (Odyssey is Super Mario 128, Mario Kart has a new gravity mechanic and 200cc, but it's still Mario Kart, Zelda is now open world, although it's kinda always has been, it's just now less linear, kinda like a larger version of A Link Between Worlds) but Splatoon is a bit newer to the Nintendo world, but has just as much to offer.

EDIT: If you have a Wii U and haven't yet used Gamefly before, if you sign up they let you rent for free for the first month. Rent the original Splatoon and play through the single-player if you want to catch up on the story, before playing Splatoon 2. It's not necessary, but it does make you appreciate some of the characters more, like Callie and Marie. And if you play some multiplayer matches I think you'll have a decent idea of what Splatoon 2 is like. It's what I did before Splatoon 2 came out.

Oh, and use motion controls. They're great.

Thanks for the reply King, I appreciate you taking the time to go into detail like that. It's been catching my eye a lot recently, especially with the increased single-player emphasis in the Octo-expansion. To be honest I had just assumed the standard single player mode would be quite minimal so good to hear I'm wrong on that!

Good tip about Gamefly but unfortunately I tried to use it before and I think my Smart TV is too old a model so I couldn't get it. Pity cause that would be a great way to figure out if I'd be into it. I think I'll keep it in mind for the next time I have a stretch without a new full-price game that I wanna buy!

Personally, I would say Splatoon 2 as version 3.0.0 is coming out soon

I'm on my second playthrough of BoTW and I swear it feels like a brand-new game... It has my vote.

The Switch at this point has a great variety of games, but I think my answer is still breath of the wild. Odyssey would be my second choice followed by kart 8 for multiplayer. I choose MK8 for multiplayer over Splatoon 2 because it lacks split screen local multiplayer.


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