Sun Apr 15 18 05:32pm
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What's everyone's thoghts?

It was literally the obvious thing based on what they already said last summer. I also don't get why people want it out THIS YEAR. It'll be a rushed POS if they do, knowing Gamefreak's ineptness with the 3DS Pokemon games. I'd prefer they cut the yearly installment shit and release it when it's done instead of for a black friday deal.

Not surprised. It was kinda a safe assumption that the Pokemon Switch game would be the next generation of Pokemon.

Personally I’d prefer a new game but not new Pokemon. There are too many Pokemon (there I said it). I stopped caring after Gen 3 not because there aren’t cool Pokemon in later games, but simply the sheer number of Pokemon makes me care less and less about any Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7.

I’d prefer a new story, new location that intertwines existing Pokemon and Legendaries rather than pushing the boundary to almost 1,000 Pokemon and the tired mechanic of the game centering around two new posterchilds.


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