how is it fun to play smash bros wii u online and not fight?

someone please explain this to me because it really makes no sense. For a while I thought they were just trolls (some of them probably are) but most of them genuinely go on for fun just to stand around and run the clock down, they don't want to fight, they don't want to compete they just want to waste time, they get annoyed if I attack them then start swearing at me via nicknames on the character selection screen.

Someone please explain how the heck any sane person could consider this so enjoyable they'd go through the effort of loading up the game, connecting online, am I missing something here? is something else more interesting happening on their TV screens?

Perhaps they just want to boost their record? People do a lot of strange things in online games.

but there are no records kept in for fun.

Sun May 27 18 04:35pm
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Psychologically, I'd assume that they still have good feelings associated with playing the game normally, but have become bored of the game. Rather than look for a new game, they stick to an older one and play it differently, because it's safer than being disappointed and/or bad at another game.

As for treating the other player like they did something wrong, that's just salt. To them, the game is not playing the game. When you don't participate, they've lost, and they're taking the loss poorly.

Probably for the same reasons that people play Splatoon (and 2) and not fight. The so-called squidbagging is the absolutely worst thing about Splatoon. A match starts, and one a**hole starts to squidbag, and more often than not, the entire damn lobby starts to gather in one place of the map, pressing a button. For 3 minutes.

It is the only game that has made me restart my console just so I can get out of that time-wasting crap. I always get a penalty for it, which sucks, but rather that than playing with idiots.

Why not just paint the field and take the easy win?

I do that sometimes but I just get So frustrated at 'people' sometimes. I wanna play fun matches, a easy win is usually not fun. :s Plus, more than once, if I do not join the Squidbagging, everyone, including my own team, goes after me and it just feels bad.

In Splatoon's case I think it's more than just boredom.. It's a sense of community when you don't fight for a change and just hang out with the group.. There's a sense of doing something else for a change, just enjoying the community.. It also takes off the tension a bit sometimes.
It's also interesting that you can kind of communicate non-verbally somewhat with other players.

In some cases I join in, some cases I leave the lobby after one game (it's a bit salty to just disconnect, it's just 3 minutes). But if it's just one or two (newly joined) players (with two it's often two friends playing together), I sometimes fight them and deliberately (easily) splat them while playing the game normally. Most of the time they leave when they are convinced the rest of the lobby just wants to play normally.

Don't get frustrated, just switch lobbies if you are annoyed by it.

But maybe just join in occasionally, just for fun ;-) I eventually did, and it was quite fun to just hang out.

In a 1on1 battle in Smash though, I really don't get it..

I always change Lobby when I see any form of squidbagging. It is basically either a 'haha I got you I am so great' and doing the most annoying sound managable. People are totally free to do that squid party when playing with friends and in groups where they know eachother and whatnot, but it ruins all the fun for me when random people does it. Not only when everyone just does it over the entire match, but also when a lot of people kill you, they just spazz out with squidbagging for the entire duration of the... what's it called, when you see the one who got you? You know what I mean, the kill cam thingy. It comes off as douchy to me. Like a, 'ha I am better than you' thing. I get very frustrated about that.

I play to play the game, and while I am not always overly serious about it (I am a good Splatoon player but not super competetive) I do not wanna play a match when people are being assholes in it. I do not mean everyone who bop around like Squids like that are assholes, but a lot of them are, and I rather disconnect and do something else while I wait to be able to play again. I don't wanna give people like that my time.

I always change lobby when I see someone do that, but squidbagging spreads so damn fast. It is not as common here as it was in the first game, but common enough to be a HUGE bother.

... but, this is a Smash thread, so I will stop now. I have not really played Smash online before, but I would probably disconnect of the other player did not play the game properly as well.

Yeah, squidkidding when you splatted someone, especially for the whole duration they can see you is both annoying and to a sign of them being a noob.. It's much better to continue the match. It's definitely douchy, but it's also childish and shows their lack of commitment to the current game.
To me it's often a sign that "our team can win this one"..

Sometimes though, with a particularly good splat I get it if they do it just a few times out of excitement. It actually means you gave them a tough time and they're excited they got you. (basically it's not meant in a offensive way, rather a celebration of a strong win).

There's a difference and context is key I think.

A "Squidkid party", even with random people online, I don't mind when the whole lobby (or most) is into it. People who don't like it can leave next game, just as I often do myself when I don't feel like it and just want to play the game. Such games are really not meant in a bad way.

I get how you feel though.. You just want to play normally..

Yeah, in Smash 1-on-1 for fun, I'd probably disconnect as well.. That makes no sense and is just a waste of time.

It always comes off as douchy to me, the fact that someone is SO desperate to 'taunt' about killing you that they waste precious time covering their turf, tells me that them getting to say "I got ya!" means more than the actual game does, and while I am sure there are some that do not intend for it to be a mean thing, I do know that a lot do mean it, and that overall thing simply now has a negative impact for me.

People have fun in different ways, but I bought the game to play the game as intended, not always SUPER serious, but I do not wanna spend 3 whole minutes pressing a single button. I do not get how that is fun or relaxing either. Many times, they just literally gather in one place and press that one button for minutes. :/ In the very least, walk around and actually do something. I cannot see pressing a button for minutes to be fun.

Again, to each his own and all that, but for me, it is a very very tedious thing that sometimes ruins multiple matches in a row for my short playtimes that I have, and it makes me angry. I am not a social person, I have social anxiety, and I rarely play online games, but Splatoon usually works well, but when people actively RUIN that game for me, it makes me feel literally bad, and I rather take the penalty 5 minutes than wasting 3 minutes with them.

But yeah, I Am just repeating myself over and over now. My bad.

It always comes off as douchy to me, the fact that someone is SO desperate to 'taunt' about killing you that they waste precious time covering their turf, tells me that them getting to say "I got ya!" means more than the actual game does, and while I am sure there are some that do not intend for it to be a mean thing, I do know that a lot do mean it, and that overall thing simply now has a negative impact for me.

Yeah, totally agree.. Almost all of the time it comes off as mean and rubbing it in, and often it's meant in a mean way as well.. And indeed, it shows they either don't care about the actual match much or think they will win already (both signs off bad players).. I totally get that that makes the whole thing negative for you. Makes complete sense.

To be fair most of the time people aren't just pressing a single button but just goofing out around each other and sometimes through the map.. Just pressing the button alone would get boring quickly.

Yeah if you just want to play the game with little time at hand and you encounter this in multiple matches/lobbies it's obviously annoying.. But I can't remember having multiple lobbies doing this when I switch..
Maybe you should check for recurring usernames and check them with your friends list.. The might follow you around..

Hopefully you can find ways to avoid this happening in multiple lobbies in the future..
A waring though: disconnecting penalties might affect matchmaking as well though, so it might make the problem worse rather than better (non-serious players will get on such a list earlier if it exist)...


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