People who regularly post negative comments

Greetings, everyone.

I've been following GoNintendo for many years now. I really enjoy and appreciate the work RMC does to provide an amazing platform for distributing Nintendo-themed content. That said, I have observed that there are those who regularly post negative comments in response to news shared on the GoNintendo website. By regularly, I mean there seem to be individuals who post comments multiple times a week (or multiple times and day) and 90% or more of those comments are negative.

Discussion Topic 1: Why are these people a part of a Nintendo-fan community?

Seems odd that people who offer consistently negative commentary about Nintendo would want to be a part of a Nintendo-fan community. But I can think of a few possible explanations:

1) They want attention.

Visiting a fan site and posting negative comments will get you attention. (Same reason why a story about Sony saying "Nintendo sucks" will generate more commentary than a story about Sony saying "Nintendo is great.") A negative comment will often result in multiple replies and replies to replies and so on. It's even possible that a person could post a negative comment that goes against his or her own personal beliefs just to get attention.

2) They are being paid to do it.

I don't know how likely this is, but it seems plausible. A company that wants Nintendo to fail could hire people or have their own employees regularly post negative comments on Nintendo-fan websites.

3) They are overly critical because they desperately want Nintendo to succeed.

I have heard people in the media offer this explanation as to why they are exceptionally harsh towards Nintendo. Often these people are fans of at least one of Nintendo's competitors.

Discussion Topic 2: How should the GoNintendo community respond to these people?

People providing consistently negative commentary has been a regular occurrence on GoNintendo for probably 10 years or more. If the community is fine with that, then nothing needs to be done. But if the community wants that to change, what can be done? I can think of 3 possible solutions.

1) Challenge them.

Many people seem to have chosen this option. Reply to these people and point out that they are excessively negative. Or reply in an effort to refute what they wrote.

For those who have chosen this solution, do you think this approach has been effective?

2) Ignore/block them.

Many people seem to have chose this option as well. Seems like a sound solution for an individual. Should the community as a whole be encouraged to do this? If so, should this suggestion be disseminated to everyone? If so, how?

3) Request the implementation of a ban policy that targets these people specifically.

This type of response would require some additional work on the part of the site admins. They would have to agree that a) those who frequently post negative commentary are harmful to the community, and b) those people should be removed from the community. The policy would ideally be specific. For example, a ratio of 5:1 negative comments (as reported by GoNintendo users) to positive comments, or more, in a week results in a ban. Multiple infractions result in longer and longer bans. The implementation of such a ban would be to weed out consistently negative individuals who are deemed to be a detriment to the community.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas to this topic. If there is a strong desire by the community to change things for the better, then let's all work together to come up with a solution.

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For what its worth, one offender has been removed from the Gonintendo community

Sat Sep 01 18 08:49pm
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I do think there is a difference between being negative and being critical and it's not hard to detect which is which especially if a particular account has a history and/or continuing consistency with going out of their way to doing things one way or the other. If the moderation team sees a number of reports for a particular member that only engages in being negative/disruptive then they should keep an eye on them.

Personally, I like the idea of challenging them but not in a way that's just retaliatory or combative, but actually address their points and pull the chair out from under their argument that way. Most of those that troll, or at best, just enjoy harping on negative news and misinformation don't really go out of their way to support their arguments with anything more than what they "think". Besides, it looks much better if you can dismantle them by supporting your counterpoint which will either force them to do the same and some real discussion can be had about a topic, or they'll just continue to lash out which looks bad, or they'll ignore the better points that more informed users are providing which also reflects bad on them.

Good points. I like how you detailed the benefits of challenging people. It can lead to a productive conversation or reveal someone as being intentionally and deliberately critical.

And yea, there is a difference between being negative ("I never play my Wii U anymore and that makes me sad") and critical ("Nintendo is dumb for making the Wii U"). I probably should have written "critical" instead of "negative" in the topic title.

I’d reverse what you call negative and critical.

Saying “The Wii U is dumb” isn’t critical. It’s just negative without any real substance.

Saying something more like “I think Nintendo made mistakes with Wii U....<lists reasons>....” would be critical without being pure negative.

Tue Sep 04 18 01:13am
Rating: 1

Well, my meaning is more the reverse of how you have negative and critical used. By being critical I mean offering constructive criticism where pointing out faults or offering some dialogue about how this or that might be better is actually based on something more than just taking a dig/swipe/go at Nintendo or fans for whatever reason. Simply being negative for negativity sake is what I'd closer align with trolling.

But otherwise, yeah, you pretty much get what I'm going for.

3) They are overly critical because they desperately want Nintendo to succeed.

I don't visit this site just to troll Nintendo and never give them credit for anything, but I think I know who you specifically had in mind when you posted this thread. But I think I could also fit into this category.

Nintendo is my favorite of the 3 and I definitely want them to succeed and they're doing great with the Switch, but they make some really stupid decisions (all three companies are guilty of that for sure, but with Nintendo they seem to repeat the "one step forward, two steps back routine too much). I'm sorry, but you can't in a million, billion, trillion years convince me that requiring the stupid mobile app for something as simple as voice chat was a good idea.

Often these people are fans of at least one of Nintendo's competitors.

Nothing wrong with that. We are well past the era where you could have access to the greatest games of the year by only owning a Nintendo system (and before you say Switch had Zelda and Mario Odyssey last year, there were way more great games worth playing in 2017 than just that, but you wouldn't know it if you only buy Nintendo consoles). Now you need the Nintendo system on the side of a gaming PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Mon Sep 03 18 07:39pm
Rating: 1

I think it's unlikely that you would fit into the category of people I was trying to describe.

Reason 1:

Nintendo is my favorite of the 3

I think this alone suggests that you would regularly post positive comments about Nintendo. I could be wrong, but I doubt your posting ratio of criticism to praise is 20:1, or even close to that. But there are some people who have a 20:1 ratio or even higher.

Reason 2:

they're doing great with the Switch

There's a positive comment right there. I doubt those with an overtly critical agenda would write that.

And yea, I see no issue with being a fan of Sony and/or MS and Nintendo. The situation I was trying to describe is one where a person is a fan of Sony and/or MS and NOT Nintendo. There's nothing inherently wrong with someone not liking Nintendo. However, if a person like this is consistently criticizing Nintendo because they want them to be more like Sony and/or MS, that could lead to the scenario I described in the original post.

Mon Sep 03 18 02:16pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)



That said, honest and fair criticism shouldn’t be branded the same. Nintendo is not without fault, and it’s fine to have a civil discussion about what you consider their failings and what you don’t like.

But commenting things like “Labo is garbage” on any and all Labo story is just asinine and say more about the commenter and their pettiness than anything else. Don’t take those baits. It’s just a sad cry for attention to try and validate their point.

I don't think they're paid. What I've seen in other places and on here is that a fanboy's obsession goes to the point where they think something is catered towards their specific interests and desires. Therefore when these unrealistic expectations are not met, obsession quickly becomes into resentment.

A troll would get tired eventually and find someone/someplace else to bother. These people just don't realize something's not made for them anymore and instead of finding another hobby or thing of interest they tend to vent out their anger and frustration whenever they see the opportunity, hoping someone will agree with them.

For what its worth, one offender has been removed from the Gonintendo community


Thank you for the update.

Really!? Damn thank god! 95% of the time I wouldn't reply to him but he was too Buzzkillington for me. Everytime I would see a post of his I would either roll my eyes, laugh my ass off at his stupidity, and sometimes agree with some of his points/arguments but be immediately taken aback about how he presented them through text.

I was also browsing a comments section on Nintendo Life and found out he use to be over there as well and was just as infamous as a poster said "Please don't be the next Sigleach we don't need another one of those" and I immediately laughed. Now that he's been banned (I presume) I wonder what Nintendo site he plans on harassing next.

The best thing about Sigleach is that we turned one his Smash Bros. Ultimate quotes into a meme and I would laugh everytime someone copy/pasted it into another Smash Ultimate article.

Whenever I need a good laugh I google him and NintendoLife and read the threads that pop up. There were some truly epic ones.

Tue Sep 04 18 08:46pm
Rating: 1

Huh... that "Send PM" button probably shouldn't show for disabled accounts...

Will fix tomorrow after my day job.

They kicked him out first from Nintendo Life and now from here?

Dude -_-

Did he actually do something big to get banned? I don't think he'd just be straight up banned for being negative, would he?

Mon Sep 17 18 05:27pm
Rating: 2

He produced a nonstop barrage of negativity that was so unrelenting that it easily crossed into trolling. Moreover he readily called anyone who tried to refute him a liar, and criticized the people running the site. It was the same at NintendoLife. Enough was enough.

Hm, I had no idea that he took it that far. Thanks for the info.

We won't comment on what is essentially private information between that user and the mod team.

That extends to all users, even the former ones we had to eject from the community.

Unfortunately. they're back -_-

No...it’s an enhanced port of them.

Ha! Touche. Let's see how long it lasts this time...

Wed Sep 05 18 02:16pm
Rating: 2

Speaking as a moderator, I say the best thing you can do is report the comments. Don't reply, don't send them a PM, don't engage in any way. Ignore and report. I can assure you that the moderators read every report. I will say that a lot of time I feel like people are reporting simply because they disagree with what the person said - that's not okay. But it's easy to spot those users who are simply posting baseless, negative comments in every thread. If you notice them, report them and move on. I cannot promise that they will be banned immediately but they will most likely be given a warning and put on probation. Meaning that they better be exhibiting exemplary behaviour from then on out unless they want their community privileges revoked.

Appreciate the input!

I'll try to do my due diligence and report the individuals you described.

Sat Sep 08 18 11:00am
(Updated 2 times)

1) They want attention.
no - they need to be heard. The fact that some people go nuts over anything different speaks volumes on them rather than those who criticize.

2) They are being paid to do it.
could be! sony are spending a ton of cash on "marketing" so you never know. chances are slim though.

3) They are overly critical because they desperately want Nintendo to succeed.
they see that nintendo are making dumb moves severely tarnishing their momentum/potential/penetration to its core audience etc

1) Challenge them.
best option because democracy. you need facts though not the "you disagree YOU need to provide facts while the supporters simply state what they will and they are good

2) Ignore/block them.
3) Request the implementation of a ban policy that targets these people specifically.

as I said something about democracy...

oh and another thing. 8/10 the "rebuttals" are targeted at the user and NOT the comment itself. Crap like "you are funny" and "i am not going to watch an entire video to prove your point" along with personal insults are the order of the day. Double standards much?

Sat Sep 08 18 02:27pm
(Updated 1 time)

I tend to be negative often myself but that comes from a place of being burned to many times. And that's not always exclusive to Nintendo. I don't like rewarding mediocrity or bad quality products with praise in the vain hope it will make it any less rubbish when instead it has the real possibility of saying to them "this is acceptable".
No matter how harsh I can get sometimes, it comes from a place of honesty and frankly I encourage that for the most part. If only for the sake of a mental health perspective. Versus putting on a brave face.

Though despite all of this I do feel it's important to take the time out to reasonably express your opinions. If you are comfortable just saying "x sucks" or making a presumptuous jab at something (be it aimed at a person or product or another opinion) and leave it at that then frankly, I have no time for you. You can crawl back to your hole and stay there.
If you have something to say, say it. Explain and own it, otherwise you're just an attention-seeking child. And I feel especially embarrassed for you if you're of a young adult age.

And the best part is when you've expressed your opinion long enough you'll likely get tired of it so you won't always be compelled to chime in because you've been through it so often. Ergo, less negativity.

(And also one last thing. Just because someone is predominantly negative don't assume they hate everything. They probably think the world of many many other things or elements of a product etc. It's just easier to express a negative opinion than a positive one. I guess it's just easier and more cleansing to vent.)

I don't mind the people who voice their concerns regarding Nintendo's actions. I do however have issues with people that hate every single thing Nintendo has done and claim that Melee was the last good game Nintendo has ever made.

Mon Sep 17 18 04:33pm
Rating: 1

I try and avoid replying to anyone being super negative. It's not like an internet post is going to change someones perspective when their heads are already too far gone up their rear.

This got me thinking about the community here. Someone rate me. Tell me if your eyes roll when you see me post.

Tue Sep 18 18 12:59pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I dunno, I used be more cynical and negative but was legitimately called out on my bullshit in a random internet comment and I made a conscious effort to change my behaviour not only online but in person too.

Games are games and meant to be enjoyed. I try to stop letting inconsequential stuff bother me. It’s not always easy but I’m better than what I used to be.

With regards your “rating”.
They’re all good commenters Gloob 12/10!

That's an interesting perspective. I kind of feel you on that. Sometimes I feel like I can get a bit salty from time to time and try to do my best to improve on it. Maybe good intention is never truly lost, but I know some people aren't willing to come to terms with it every time.

Thanks for the rating!

If they are really trolls, responding, if even if your arguments are fool-proof and they have no rational counter-argument, will only fuel them. Trolls don't post to be proven right or wrong, they only want a response, the only way to deal with them is to not respond at all.
If they are not trolls, of course discussion would be good as they are interested in conversation and understanding other perspectives.

Not to be that guy or anything but has anyone brought up the type of fanboys that are serious gatekeepers to everything Nintendo?

Well when you people who have raging hate for anything and everything Nintendo...

I wish people would have more balance. I personally know Nintendo isn't perfect and yes they've screwed up more than once, but calling out every misstep as them killing your dog gets to be really old.

It wouldn't kill people to actually give Nintendo credit when it's due. After all they are the reason why people have PC gaming, Playstations, and Xboxs today.

If you were to read solely the average GN comment section you'd think Nintendo hasn't done anything right since 2002 and that they're on the brink of collapse/irrelevance.

I would mind a lot less if people also took the opportunity to comment on the things they like (if they like anything at all) but many times you just see certain users pop up just to complain and spew hate.
It's so frustrating seeing chronically unhappy people vent out their anger so fervently and so constantly, that sometimes it feels like it starts to get to you and brings your own mood down.

mr life
Tue Oct 30 18 06:38pm
(Updated 1 time)

I feel like being overly negative about everything can be rather unhealthy. Personally I try to give things the benefit of the doubt rather than forming an opinion on gameplay videos on Youtube but that's just me.

Wed Jul 10 19 02:28pm
Rating: 3

I realize how long ago the OP was, but I never got around to replying.

First, I highly, HIGHLY doubt anyone is paid to troll our site.

Second, the correct way to deal with trolls is to a) ignore, b) block, or c) report to a moderator. Engaging them is an inconvenient shortcut to getting yourself included in any penalties.

You can of course choose to engage them respectfully, but remember to remain on the original topic (and follow all other rules), and stay civil.

Finally, we actually do have defined rules against trolling. No rule is perfect, but it's a good place to start, and that's why the mods exist to arbitrate those grey zones.

All that said, we do not frown on opposing, unpopular, or negative opinions per se, and encourage people to articulate their ideas, especially if on the contrarian side. Just saying you hate Metroid is obvious trolling. Saying you've never been a fan of Metroid because of an experience being kidnapped by a blonde bounty hunter as a child, or waking to a metroid nursing from your exposed nipples one day...well ok; the context there helps.

Besides, if your opinions can't withstand a little scrutiny or challenge, what does that say about your opinions (or ability to defend them)?

PS... RMC does the heavy content lifting. The site and platform are courtesy of T27duck and yours truly <3

I think with the way things are today there will always be negetive people and comments in any community and forum. I think the best thing to do is not to feed into them and ignore them.


Like Cort and Popple said above the best thing to do is to report the posts to the mod team and move on. Don't reply to them, don't get in an argument with them, don't give them the time of day. That is what trolls feed on is getting under other people's skin. If they truly are being overly negative all the time report them and move on with your day and let your friendly neighborhood mod team take care of the rest! ^_^


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