Ultimate Smash Bros. Thread

Just creating a central thread on all things Smash Ultimate from playing the game.

I’m enjoying World of Light a lot more than I thought I would. Once I unlocked Captain Falcon I’ve been making steady progress and have been pretty much sticking with Captain Falcon.

Used what few Amiibo I have to unlock some spirits too. Wolf Link amiibo unlocked Midna and was able to enhance her to Midna and Wolf Link. It’s currently my most powerful Spirit.

World of Light is complex enough with levels and spirits and a skill tree without being overly complicated.

Classic mode is also great fun, I’m working through a play as every character. Only gripe with Classic Mode is the same boring bonus game for everyone. A unique bonus like “Break the targets” would have been better. It’s cool that the final boss is often unique and not always Master Hand.

Played a few games online, and it was terribly laggy to the point it was unplayable. I have decent Internet so it’s not my connection. Hopefully they will improve that but I never planned on doing much online anyways.

World of Light just.....keeps.....going. And I’m loving every second of it. I’ve played classic mode maybe 5 or 6 times. All my time has been spent in World of Light so far where I’ve clocked up nearly 30 hours.

I’ve beaten every character and spirit in World of Light. Just the final Boss(es) left.


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