OK a couple of days ago rudyc3 made the comment,

Remember how there was once a big project to remake Goldeneye for 360? But Nintendo wouldn't allow it? And we have rumours of a big cancelled project being brought back along with a rumour now of Microsoft and Nintendo working on big things together? Could those line up?

I'd be just happy having Rare Replay on Switch though, that'd be more than I need at this point :P.

To which I responded,
This was the rumor going around back in the day but I don't ever recall it getting confirmed.

rudyc3 responded with

Then what's this?


And this was not an April's Fools joke.

Now the video he posted does not confirm anything so my question is was it ever confirmed that Nintendo blocked the release of Goldeneye?

Wed Feb 26 20 12:42am
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I do wonder if it'll ever be leaked like the Star Craft Ghost demo unit. That'll be pretty wild.


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