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Hey Guys!

I just picked up SMM2 and was looking for some levels to play, has anyone here made any fun levels? If you have, leave the code, and a brief description of the level, so we can all give it a try!

My levels:

Title: Platform/Coin Challenge
Desc: Some light platforming using a couple of the different options only found in the 3D world style, with 330 coins. Not needed to win, but a fun minigame if you find the level too easy.
Difficulty: 5/10 (6/10 if you go for all the coins...especially the 50 coin)

Title: 5 Levels
Desc: As the title says, it is 5 levels where each level has an obstacle for you to conquer various times to get to the next level. No checkpoint here, so be careful!
Difficulty: 7/10 (for me it was tough, maybe not as hard for some of you)

Let me know what you guys have got to share, looking forward to some, hopefully not too difficult, levels.

These one are very challenging. I could only complete the first one.

Thanks for giving them a try!

I watched a few streamers play my levels as well. The first one is typically the more often completed one. Actually, one person showed me a way to "cheese" most of the difficult parts of the level (the timed block jumps).

The second level is definitely more tough/unforgiving. Its the kind of level my friends and I enjoy practicing and getting good at trying to speedrun.


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