What's your favourite juice?

Orange is pretty great.

I love all kinds of Juice. Orange is awesome and so is apple 🍎.

I haven't had apple juice for too long. It's very nice.

Mon Jan 06 20 08:11pm
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For me, It's either orange juice or cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is good for the ol'kidneys.

I haven't had cranberry for quite a while. Used to drink it all the time.

I'm reviving this thread after a year with the refreshing taste of Multivitaminsaft.

It's either orange juice or apple juice for me. The former preferably natural, though.

Orange and apple are very nice. Never from concentrate though. Pineapple juice is lovely too from time to time.

But you what's beautiful? Cherry flavour. It's not very common, and it's not year round where I buy it. I might see if it's there tomorrow if I'm in the store. It's the one juice drink that isn't 100% not from concentrate. And you probably wouldn't want it to be, unless you desire your face looking like this...

If lemonade counts as a juice I'll go with that. Otherwise I'll say orange juice followed by cranberry juice!


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