Its unrealistic for the Switch to not last a decade

If Nintendo gives up on the Switch by 2022, its being unrealistic. The Wii for selling so long lasted till this year even though by 2013, people moved on from it.

Earlier gens had an incentive to have newer consoles released for next gen due to Nintendo either wanting to do something new or that the previous gen hardware was not powerful enough to catch their visions. But the Switch is powerful enough that Nintendo can like do anything with it. So in that sense, they can make it last longer than previous gens and so, it should last a decade imo.

Thu Jun 04 20 03:44pm
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I see a a Switch lasting at least till 2025.technology gets dated so fast though. The Switch Lite just came out last year.

I don't know...
Looking at how multiplatform games like The Outer Worlds run on the Switch, it already can barely keep up with the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Imagine seeing how bad ports of AAA games from PS5 and XSX will look and run on this thing.

I want the Switch to last a long time and it seems like it will since sales are still increasing year on year. As long as Nintendo can space out their titles properly and keep interest up that way it will be around for many years to come. The fact that it is their console and portable makes me think there should be a ton more games in development with all their eggs in one basket.

We shall see what happens. My only fear is that if PS5 and Series X are so much more powerful that other developers cannot port anything to Switch anymore it might shorten its life, but I have heard Switch has more modern tools that make down porting much easier than their other consoles.

Well yeah. Nintendo pretty much said that its much easier. I do wonder if Nintendo may to a revision should Unreal Engine 5 be a norm.

Fri Jun 12 20 10:20pm
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Well after the 3ds the Switch is the only portable left so Nintendo has got to make it last a long time.

If Nintendo's next console is not a hybrid portable/home console and is a home console only I feel like they will just turn to ios/android for their "portable" space. They have done so quite a bit already, albeit with watered down versions. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future.

Mon Jun 15 20 11:53am
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I hope it lasts for a long time, the install base is huge and games are ported frequently and the console is really well designed. I like it a lot. PS5 and Series X is a bad joke, revealing those consoles during a world wide crisis with nothing new to show and a ton of games that are going to release either way on ps4 and xbox one and a, for sure, hefty price tag, things will probably stay the same for a few more years before we start seeing the actual shift to the new generation of consoles. Similar to what happened to the Wii, if the install base is huge, third parties will keep making games (shovelware in this case) for those consoles, and if they release games for PS5 and Series X, probably most releases will have versions that are compatible with ps4 and xbox one, just because of how unsure is to release a game on new generation hardware at this moment.
What do you think? I think it was a bad move from sony and ms to rush this, there might be a few games, but now you can get ps4's and xbox's so cheap, the install base is so huge and the games look so good, that is the perfect time to keep on releasing games on current gen consoles, switch included.

Like all consoles, it's a year to year and half at least for the new system to be worthwhile and have several great games.

It's still up in the air, how they'll manage their digital backwards compatibility, especially with download only games.

I do wonder how much sales will be at the end of the year, I can expect people saving for the hard times ahead. Especially if those cost like 500-600 dollars.

My main concern with next gen consoles is that I feel the midupdate version for a console will be on the cards, maybe 2 years after these are released, which is a approach I dislike.

Nintendo I think will not release a console for only power sake, they like to add things to their hardware. I just can't tell what atm. But hopefully better takes on the joycon at least.


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While the Switch will certainly last a few more years, I could see an enhanced version as they did with the NEW 3DS, one that could offer at least 4K and better performance for certain titles (Outer Worlds for One)

Thu Jun 25 20 02:00pm
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I don't know, 4K, wasn't even pushed that much in current consoles, and a lot of games don't put it out, outside of PC.

Although I keep remembering Miyamoto commenting that 4K could be good for a game like Pikmin.

HDR and a 1080p or 1440p screen and an upgrade to run (new) games smoothly at 60fps will have a much bigger impact. Combining that with 4K upscaling option for games and the power side of a "Nintendo Switch Plus" will be good enough.

They need to release revamped Joy-Con though. That's the biggest upgrade they can add. Oh and increase internal storage while you're at it to promote digital sales.

It would be good to have a little more oomph, it is really bad when a game is a blurry mess - even if it is impressive that they can even be playable on the system. But playable vs stable is not really cutting it in some games. MK11, DBFZ, and Samurai Shodown, all using UE4, can not hit a stable 60 FPS even with severely lowered resolution and lowered graphical fidelity, and the frames actually matter in these games. I know for a fact that a lot of fighting game fans wanted these but had to pass them up. It would be great to have these games on a lightweight system to bring to tournaments or friends instead of lugging a PS4 or XBO but they just don't perform well on the Switch. And with the next-gen hardware going so far beyond that it may change how developers even design their games, the Switch is going to lag behind. For all the good ports of big high-fidelity games like Doom or Warframe, there is The Outer Worlds or ARK, and it can really only get worse and not better as fancier games start coming out.

So yeah, if not a new console altogether, I predict a revision would come in two or three years, maybe something akin to a PS4 Pro that offers a "Boost Mode" for older games that improves performance. Would be nice!

Nintendo could drive the indie train if they fallback with big retail games. Also since it has been a treasure trove of ports, remasters, etc. I think they could even gain time by just rereleasing stuff from their catalogue, adding more retro games, and the like.

Nintendo I don't believe is on the power train. They'll not make a console unless they want to sell another way to play. People like to talk about Switch Pro, as just boosting performance but even the NEW 3DS added the little nub stick.

IMO that's a competent way to move forwards since more or less next gen consoles are just closed in PCs, those even didn't try to do anything new with their controllers, which may speak more about the unwillingness to be challenged to change how games are played. Tradition and all that.


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