Spoilers - Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

What a fantastic game. And the most story, maybe ever, in a Zelda game.

So a couple of things...

Does this split the timeline (again)?
There is now a timeline where Zelda and Link defeated Calamity Ganon on its first emergence (HW AoC). And then a timeline where they failed first time around, Link slept for 100 years, and later defeated Ganon (BOTW). At what point in the BOTW timeline did the new champions get pulled from? I assume they came from a point after BOTW when Ganon was defeated.

Who is the “dead” figure in the trailer for BOTW2?
Signs now point to it being Astor! The head jewellery, Gerudo symbol on his clothing, involved in bringing about the Calamity...it’s reasonable it’s him in the trailer and that he exists in the BOTW timeline but we never saw him because he succeeded in triggering the Calamity and the champions fell.

Where did Astor get his “Harbinger Guardian”?
We know Zelda built Terrako, presumably from bits of ancient tech uncovered. Is Harbinger Guardian why Ganon looks the way he does in BOTW - infused with ancient tech?

Update: The Harbinger Guardian is Terrako. Since the one activated in BOTW timeline went back in time, there is now two in AoC. Malice went through the time portal and corrupted the Terrako originally from the AoC timeline.

A good explanation video:

The scene where Purah teleported in armies from all the races gave me mad Avengers Endgame vibes.

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