The best soap for cleaning controllers and consoles?

I recently got the necessary screwdrives to open my consoles and controllers. I was able to region unlock my Nintendo 64 and readjust the lenses in some Gamecubes I have in my house, thus bringing them back to life.

But one thing I also want to do is to clean my controllers and consoles, especially my launch Gamecube and its controllers.
I've read that you can just leave them in a container or a bucket with some warm soapy water, but I was wondering what kind of soap would be needed, that's some information I couldn't find.

Any recommendations for the soap are highly appreciated.

I've actually read that denture tablets are good at getting gunk off of things like keyboards. Should work well for the plastic on controllers. Take a look on Google and you should find people talking about it. 😁👍


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