Indie World Showcase (April '21)

What did you think of yesterday's Indie Showcase? Oxenfree II was a nice surprise for me. The first one was one of my earlier Switch games and I remember feeling a bit disappointed in the end - like I had done something wrong or was supposed to play it another time. Three years later could be a good time to revisit it. Oxenfree really sparked my interest in narrative indie games back then, so I'm also looking forward to Road 96, Hindsight and Last Stop. Smile

Thu Apr 15 21 02:18pm
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Honestly that new Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge got me so hyped! It looks like the proper sequel to Turtles in Time.

Also rout 96 had a really unique look, I'm interested in choose your own adventure type game like life is strangers or the telltale games so "I'm interested in this"

I loved the background details in the Turtles trailer, like the ninjas jumping up from their office desks. I hope the game includes a lot of stuff like that. :D

Fri Apr 16 21 04:27am
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I didn't think the Indie World Showcase was that great overall. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is terrific, but apart from that...meh. Some news on Hollow Knight: Silksong would have been nice.

Edit: Actually, I rewatched it, and I take back what I said, it was a pretty good Showcase. House of the Dead Remake, Beasts of Maravilla Island, Aztec Forgotten Gods and Road 96 look promising.

I watched GameXplain do a play of Fez, an old game, could have probably released on the 3DS. I like it.

A couple of the other games might turn out good but I need to see more to be interested.

Fez reminded me of 3DS perspective puzzles like Pushmo, too. I didn't know it's already nine years old! It got a little lost in the presentation, so thanks for bringing it to my attention again. :D

I thought having the oxenfree sequel as the "one more thing" was a strange choice, I loved the original for the story but it seems like the niche of the niche.

Good point! I didn't think much about it, because I wasn't really aware how popular Oxenfree is. Nevertheless I think the nature of the game makes it a good fit for "pirating the broadcast", so to speak. ^^

Turtles (even if we knew about it already,) Oxenfree 2, Skul, Fez, Cristales release date finally, and... Weaving Tides looks interesting, but I don't know how good it will actually be. I need another look at it.

Special shoutout to Labyrinth City. It reminds me of Hidden Through Time, a hidden object game on Switch with a similar artstyle, except Labyrinth City is mazes instead of hidden objects. I'm really interested in it because it's total eye candy for me. I heard it's based on some children's books. I'm not sure if I ever experienced those as a kid, but I think we've all flipped through some that are similar with pages you could look at forever. This game gives me that feeling, so I'm going to keep it on my wishlist.

Labyrinth City has a lot of charm, I love how "French" everything looks. ^^
It will be interesting to see how the premise translates to the actual gameplay.

I've had cristales on my switch wishlist for like a year with TBD on the release, I'm glad to finally get a release date too. The time shift mechanic seems like something I've never seen before.


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