THQ Nordic working on two Switch titles

THQ Nordic is working on Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for the Wii U, but it seems they have some Switch projects in the pipeline as well. The company has confirmed that they're bringing not one, but two games to the Switch. They didn't reveal any details about what those games could be, but hopefully we'll learn more at Nintendo's Switch event on Jan. 12th.

Niantic fixes slight Pokemon GO nearby issue

I'd be interested to hear how many of you are still playing Pokemon GO, even if only on a weekly basis. Does the game have you just as interested as it used to? Do you plan to jump back in when the amount of available Pokemon is updated?

Nintendo NY selling exclusive Mario Santa sweater

Here's a little tip for you. I never, ever wear long sleeve shirts. I absolutely hate them! I might put on a hoodie for when I'm going out or it's really cold, but no long sleeves for me. I just couldn't bring myself to buy this and cut the sleeves off, though!

Super Mario Run - animated tweet for Dec. 3rd, 2016

I love these little animations that Nintendo is sharing. Always love seeing Mario in different styles. It's a cute way to promote Super Mario Run!

Japan - Rakuten Books' special Mario-themed prepaid cards

Rakuten Books is selling New 3DS XL bundles with AC adapters. Those bundles also come with one of the 6 prepaid cards you see above. Now these suckers are going to be one hell of a collector's item. Tough to find and in limited supply from just a single retailer!

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Dec. 3rd, 2016

- 2 returning sets of Mega Man badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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