Typhoon April - more info

- a certain someone from the past unexpectedly shows up
- Masaki and the others go to the station to pick up his cousin Nuki
- when they arrive, Ao is there to pick up as well
- the reason why Masaki moved into his current town one year ago was to get away from this girl


Ubisoft reveals various franchise sales

Monster Hunter 4 devs discuss the world travels that influenced the game

A portion of a 4Gamer interview with Capcom's Katsumi Iwasaki, Yuya Tokuda and Kaname Fujioka...

“This time, we went to Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, and Argentina. When we went to Vietnam and Cambodia to collect data, we went to some ruins that weren’t tourist spots, but actually places that were left in the state they were first discovered.” - Iwasaki
“There weren’t any tourists, it was dark, and I was really scared. I really had to ask for guidance from the guide. The winds, the glaciers that have been here since the past, and everything else have shaped up the lands to what they are today, and there’s a reason behind everything. And reality is born by taking these reasons seriously. There were a lot things that can’t be understood unless you experience it for yourself.” - Fujioka

- the team also checked out glaciers, grassy plains, and mountain scenery of Chile and Argentina
- the team also kept things in mind such as local ornaments and atmosphere
- the team sent the developer in charge of the interface along on the trip
- the trip to Argentina took place in early summer


The Denpa Men 3 - Monster info

Mario Kart 8: Dry Dry Desert GCN Head-to-Head Comparison

Direct link here

Kirby Triple Deluxe - Instagram trailer

Skylanders 4 Early Reveal - April 22nd in UK

Direct link here

My Exotic Farm - First Look

Direct link here

NES Remix 2: SMB 1-1 Recreated in Super Mario Bros. 3

Direct link here

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - costume, DLC, gameplay info

- information released earlier about a Venom battle was incorrect, as you do not battle him in the game
- crimes will keep happening once the main story is completed
- unannounced
- costume DLC to be released later
- in-game costumes are mostly unlocked by completing side missions
- no realtime day and night cycle
- free roam in the city at different moments
- can’t free roam as Peter Parker
- game length is similar to the first title
- Sam Riegel will reprise his role as Spider-Man


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