Red Goddess - May 2015 trailer

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Kobayashi Is So Cute That It's Painful! - more screens and art

More here

High Strangeness - intro, more gameplay footage

Splatoon amiibo - more pics

More here

Playboy Mansion Game Night - Mario Party 10

IGN - Pokemon: Roaring Skies Booster Box Pack Opening Part 2

Famicom Dojo - ASCII TurboFile

Activision Blizzard Announces Better-Than-Expected First Quarter 2015

For the quarter ended March 31, 2015, Activision Blizzard’s GAAP net revenues were $1.28 billion, as compared with $1.11 billion for the first quarter of 2014.    On a non‐GAAP basis, the company’s net revenues were $703 million, as compared with $772 million for the first quarter of 2014.  For the first quarter, GAAP net revenues from digital channels were a record $581 million and represented a Q1 record 45% of the company’s total revenues.  On a non‐GAAP basis, net revenues from digital channels were a Q1 record $538 million and represented a record 76% of the company’s total revenues.

Full report here hides a Konami secret is most likely related to Koji Igarashi's post-Konami game. It's looking to be a sprite-based Metroidvania and will most likely be crowd-funded. With all that said, many a fan know Igarashi from his work on Konami's Castlevania series. That has lead to people trying out the Konami code on the website, which gives you the results seen above. A cheeky, little message! Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.

Fan-Art: Lon Lon Milk candles

Grab yours here


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