Use Wii U GamePad to play the Jackbox Party Pack

The Jackbox Party Pack may not be available on Wii U, but that doesn't mean you can't use your GamePad to play! All the games in the Jackbox Party Pack have the option to play on smartphones/tablets. You visit a specific web page, put in a room code/name and then play on your device. Turns out you can use the Wii U browser to play via GamePad, which makes certain games much easier to play!

For example, the Pictionary-like game Drawful is all about drawing with your finger on a cell phone/tablet. Obviously this works MUCH better when playing on the GamePad, as you have a stylus for your drawings!

Wii U as a controller for drawful on ps3 ps4 Xbox one and steam!

A video posted by Johnny Ortiz (@kolma) on

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Famitsu - Full Final Fantasy Explorers review translated

This game gives the impression of being “an easy to play MMORPG”. It is fun to fight and freely combine numerous abilities. RPG elements are strong, so people who aren’t so good at action can also play. Of course there is multiplayer, but single-player is also included. Many jobs and abilities (which broaden the gameplay) are unlocked around the middle of the game, so it is a pity that the way there feels a bit repetitive.

There is high order of customization as you can choose a set of abilities from plentiful selection without being too tied to a job. Battles remind of MMORPGs as players can take on different roles and show personality with individual abilities. It is smooth to switch to multiplayer as entering and leaving can be done easily. The system is great and it is easy to enjoy cooperative play because one quest can be finished in a short time. The sense of fighting for a common cause is also strong.

MMORPGs are common for home consoles and PCs, but it is nice to play one of those games lightheartedly with a handheld system. The degree of freedom is high and it is fun that players can practice various play styles depending on chosen abilities. It is also pleasant that with the exception of weapons, equipment isn’t tied to a job. In multiplayer, you can play a role or share the effects of a powerful move which makes playing more interesting. However, in order to reach that kind of gameplay, explanations should be a little bit simpler so they would be easier to understand.

As this game is built in the spirit of hunting action games, it is easy to mistake this as one, but instead of focusing on action it feels more like MMORPG similar to Final Fantasy XIV. It is important to make the best use of customizing job roles or abilities strategically and it is enjoyable to fight smartly. Since the game can be played in many various ways, there is also an abundance of elements which support personally-made challenges [like Nuzlocke for Pokemon games]. However, it is probably going to take some time to understand the interesting aspects of the game.


Random Time! - Dog gets a Captain Falcon makeover

More pics here

IndieGoGo - The 8-bit Time Machine: a game music adventure

IndieGoGo here

The Great Ace Attorney - more off-screen pics (and a bonus video)

More here

Here's a bonus video showcasing some of the actors in the next Ace Attorney stage show. They're promoting the upcoming play, discussing dates and locations where it can be seen.

Dragon Quest X: Version 3 - more off-screen pics

More here

PoPoLoCrois Harvest Moon - more screens, art

More here

Dungeons and Robots - promo video

Direct link here

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X - amibo trailer

Direct link here

Famitsu - This week's most wanted (Dec. 22nd, 2014)

1. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 691 votes
2. [3DS] Bravely Second – 602 votes
3. [PS3] Tales of Zestiria – 551 votes
4. [PS3] Persona 5 – 549 votes
5. [3DS] Legend of Legacy – 514 votes
6. [PS4] Dragon Quest Heroes – 480 votes
7. [PS4] Persona 5 – 388 votes
8. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 329 votes
9. [3DS] Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – 322 votes
10. [PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 286 votes
11. [PS3] Dragon Quest Heroes – 284 votes
12. [3DS] PoPoLoCrois Farm Story – 239 votes
13. [PS4] Yakuza Zero – 227 votes
14. [3DS] Etrian Mystery Dungeon – 192 votes
15. [PS4] Bloodborne – 186 votes
16. [PSV] God Eater 2 Rage Burst – 181 votes
17. [WIU] The Legend of Zelda – 174 votes
18. [PS3] The Last Remnant – 168 votes
19. [PS3] Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – 164 votes
20. [3DS] Devil Survivor 2: Break Record – 162 votes
21. [3DS] The Great Ace Attorney – 151 votes
22. [3DS] Lost Heroes 2 – 148 votes
23. [PSV] Kan Colle Kai – 147 votes
24. [PSV] Sword Art Online: Lost Song – 144 votes
25. [PS3] Yakuza Zero – 136 votes
26. [PS3] Samurai Warriors 4-II – 134 votes
27. [PS4] Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – 119 votes
28. [PS4] Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – 110 votes
29. [PS3] The Last Guardian – 109 votes
30. [PSP] Ushiro – 106 votes


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