Custom 3D-printed Neo Geo mini arcade cabinet for your Switch

Ha...that is ridiculously awesome. What a really fun idea. There's certainly no shortage of Neo Geo games on Switch, with more around the corner. The bad thing is, the Etsy link for this project shows the product as being sold out! It was just files to 3D print your own, but still, they aren't being offered anymore. Thanks to 8BitForever for the heads up!

HuniePop dev would put the next Hunie game on Switch if Nintendo approved

If something has less than a zero percent chance of happening, I think this would be it. I really don't think there's a chance in hell Nintendo would approve a HuniePop title for Switch. That's not a knock against Nintendo, as I don't think Microsoft or Sony would allow it either.

That said, I'm not ashamed at all to admit I played HuniePop and loved it. I played it with a ton of friends as well. I hooked up a laptop to my TV and we all had a fantastic time. What can I say...we're all huge match-3 fans!

Fan-Art: 3D-printed Legend of Zelda "Z" Joy-Con grip

Well that's one hell of an idea for a Joy-Con grip. Sure, it might look like an "N" when you're actually using it, but when you store it on a shelf, it's definitely a "Z"! Check out the free 3D printing instructions here.