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Nintendo says more indie titles on the way

While Nintendo is showing 19 indie games at Nindies@Night, that doesn't mean that's all there is in the pipeline. Nintendo's Damon Baker confirmed that there are indeed more indie titles in the works, but now wasn't the time to talk about them. No timeline was mentioned, but we can look forward to more indie reveals for Wii U/3DS as the weeks roll on.

Nintendo open to more third party collaborations for amiibo

Just last night, Nintendo and Yacht Club revealed a Shovel Knight amiibo. That marks the first time that a third party character has gotten its own amiibo. According to Nintendo's Damon Baker, this is something that could happen again in the future. No specific instances were given, but Mr. Baker did point out that Nintendo is open to the idea.

Nintendo may be doing something at IndieCade 2015

Nintendo is really changing how they work with indie devs. We've seen all kinds of great exposure, most recently coming from the Nindies@Night event last night. According to Nintendo's Damon Baker, there may be more fun to come. Mr. Baker hinted at some sort of activity from Nintendo at the upcoming IndieCade 2015 event, which takes place Oct. 23rd to 25th. No word on what Nintendo has planned, but it certainly sounds like something is up!