Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions Co-Creators say future dates depend on early show success

A portion of a VGTribune interview with show co-creators Jeron Moore and Chad Seiter...

VG: I’m confident that it will turn out great. I’m also excited for the symphony to make its rounds to other locations. Do you all have other locations picked out already, or will it be determined based on the reception received from these two shows?

Moore: It is really determined by the success of the first two shows. But we have other cities that have begun expressing interest in having us bring the show to them. We’re just not ready to put those out there yet, because this is a brand new property and are excited to see how it is received. The first two shows are going to be important in demonstrating that Pokémon, as a symphonic concert, is tour worthy.

Seiter: It’s really up to you guys (the Pokémon fan base) to show that we can do a tour.

Full interview here

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