Dyack says Shadow of the Eternals still alive, announcements coming 'in the future'

A portion of a NicheGamer interview with Denis Dyack...

NG: I think one of the biggest questions and what’s been on a lot of people’s minds – How is the funding and stuff going with Shadows and Quantum? Are you guys fully funded, or do you have like individual investors?

Denis: Well, we can’t talk about that right now. But there will be announcements in the future. The bottom line is we’re really excited on where we’re going, things are very quiet, and probably will continue to be quiet but they’re going well. Please stay tuned, and we’ll update everyone as soon as we can. I wish I could say more, but you know the drill with the industry, right?

NG: Last bit then – I’ll see if I can get a tease out of you for Shadows. Can we expect a potential re-reveal? Or like a resurfacing of the game soon…?

Denis: Well, it all depends on what your definition of soon is. [laughs]

Rather than tease, I would just say that we believe in the project and we’re doing everything we can to see this project – and other projects – some of which are really great as well, get out there. We’ve got some big plans for the future, and we’re being very aggressive on some things, and we’re really looking forward to see how things roll out.

Thanks to Travis for the heads up!

The Eternal Darkness trademark saga continues

Will Nintendo actually ever do anything with the Eternal Darkness trademark, outside of renewing/extending it? I have no idea, but that's what's happened yet again. Nintendo has filed a third extension request for the Eternal Dark trademark. Let's hope that all this talk isn't just to hold onto the name so no one else can use.

Camp Fangamer - EarthBound Film Fest 2015 promo

Camp Fangamer is hosting the first ever EarthBound Film Festival.
If you can’t attend the event, don’t worry— Anyone can submit material, and the festival screening + Q&A will stream live! July 18th 2015 at 8pm PST (http://twitch.tv/fangamer)

Top three films win a Mani Mani statue made by Camille Young!
Every film screened in the festival wins an exclusive EB Film Fest lapel pen!

Japan - Nintendo's official website makes Nintendo games seem cheaper

Nintendo is pulling a bit of a fast one with its game listings on its official Japanese site. The site features thumbnails for all upcoming Wii U and 3DS games, third parties included. Those thumbnails list a date and price as well. For all Nintendo games, prices are listed without tax. On the other hand, all third party games are listed with tax. The wording on each image does indicate with/without tax, but just quickly scrolling through the listings might give one the impression that Nintendo's titles are cheaper overall. Wonder why Nintendo is going out of its way to list games + tax with third parties, but their own games sans tax.

Yoshi's Woolly World - file size