The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Cutie Clash, Cutie Pets Go Fishing hitting Wii U in NA this week

Puke your guts out for glory!

Welcome to the swamp!

You're a lowly swamp chicken looking to become King. You need to vomit and bomb your way to the top. In this 5-player vomit brawler all rounds are one hit K.O. and matches go to the first chicken with five wins. Defend your swamp crown round after round! May the best chicken win!

Full hub page here

Off the hook!

Welcome to Cutie Pets Go Fishing!

Race against the clock as you try to match large schools of fish! Grab time bonuses, multipliers and combos to greatly increase your score! Feeling a little stressed by the clock? play Zen Mode and simply see how long you can match fish!

For every achievement you get, you also unlock a sweet stamp to post on Miiverse™. You can make posts with our cool stamps or share screenshots of your high score! Get Fishing today!

Full hub page here

RUMOR - More inside info on StarFox Zero facing development troubles

For those that need a refresher, Liam has been involved with digging up all sorts of information on cancelled and unreleased game projects. His information has been confirmed as spot-on multiple times, so I'd take this info as very trustworthy. Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

Pokemon - Kanto Classic tournament coming up

Kanto Classic wi-fi battling tournament

- Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
- registration opens on February 25 at midnight UTC
- runs through March 3
- only Pokémon 1 through 149 are allowed to participate with no hold items
- battles will take place the weekend of March 5
- participants who complete at least three battles will receive a special Dragonite designed to look like Lance's from Pokémon Red and Blue
- will come at level 62 with the moves Wrap, Agility, Slam and Barrier

Buddy & Me “Dream Edition” coming to Wii U eShop soon - new info

Thank you Nintendo fans for your patience! Partnering with fellow indie studio Sky Tyrannosaur (, as we speak we’re busy adding new features (in addition to the Outfits, Seasons, and Boosts available in the Samsung Smart TV version) to make this version special. We hope to have it available this spring. To recap for anyone that hasn’t read our previous update, the Wii U edition will build upon some of the cool new customization features previously only seen on Samsung Smart TVs, including unlockable Outfits, Seasons, and Boosts.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Yo-Kai Watch toy commercial - AUS/NZ

Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up!