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GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 562

Published: 21 May, 2016

Number 562

Technical issues surface once again, but we've never let that stop us from salvaging a show! You still get the entire show we did today, just at a bit lesser quality. Thank the heavens for the live-stream version! I would have been really upset if we lost this particularly funny episode!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 561

Published: 14 May, 2016

Number 561

Wow, we had a jam-packed show today. So much to talk about, so much to celebrate! We even had a massive crew on hand for the recording. We really hope you enjoy this week's super-sized show!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 560

Published: 07 May, 2016

Number 560

We brought in a new podcast member this week! Will they end up returning? I have no idea, but we sure had fun having them! We also had plenty of big Nintendo news to cover. All around, I'd say it was a pretty decent show!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 559

Published: 30 April, 2016

Number 559

Man, is this a jam-packed show. Tons of Nintendo news to cover, thanks to the financial briefing this week. Don't worry, we've got you covered with all the details you need! Hopefully we set you straight on all the details you want to know!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 558

Published: 23 April, 2016

Number 558

Lots of good discussion this week about StarFox Zero. I take an in-depth look at the reviews that surfaced this week, share some more insight into my opinion and read a lot of your thoughts on the controls. On top that, we act dumb and make each other laugh!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 557

Published: 17 April, 2016

Number 557

We've got an action-packed show for you! Lots of NX rumors to cover, the NPD guessing-game returns, we show off some fancy Pokemon 20th anniversary goodies, you guys share your thoughts on a Pokemon live-action movie and SO much more!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 556

Published: 09 April, 2016

Number 556

We've got another solo show for you this week. Some obligations on Saturday made for an early Friday show. Believe it or not, the solo show lead to some pretty in-depth discussion about StarFox Zero controls later in the show. I also offer up a monologue on why I think you guys should check out Chronicles of Teddy on Wii U!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 555

Published: 02 April, 2016

Number 555

Our first podcast at our new joint! We have a dedicated podcast room now, but it's still the same show! We talk about the week's news, focus in on what you guys think of Miitomo and take on some music trivia!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 554

Published: 27 March, 2016

Number 554

Had to do a solo show this week, as the usual podcast day has been filled with non-stop moving. Mom Brain and I are in the process of moving out of our old digs and into a new joint! Trust me, I would have much rather been recording the podcast on its regular day and time. I mean, there's really nothing I'd rather do less than move!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 553

Published: 19 March, 2016

Number 553

Well, I think my laptop really is on its way out. I had such a struggle getting it to record today's show. We couldn't even start on time due to technical issues. Then halfway through the show, my microphone just randomly disconnected. Thankfully the live-stream version worked well, so I managed to rip the show from YouTube. My apologies for the lackluster audio, but at least we didn't lose the episode!