GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 475 records LIVE at 3:15 PM EDT!

You know how the drill goes by now, my friends. We'll be recording our podcast today at 3:15 PM EDT. I can tell you that Nicky Hill will be on-hand for the show, and I think that Lube and Kirby will be here as well. I guess we'll all find out as we get closer to going live! Hope to see you here and in our IRC as well, because we'd love to chat with you while we record!

Nordic says Darksiders II cost $50 million to make

Coming from a Videogamer feature with Nordic Games owner Lars Wingefors...

"THQ spent $50m making Darksiders 2. We can produce a product of the same quality but for a lower cost. $50m is ridiculous, I can't afford that."


REPORT - Billy Berghammer joins Nintendo's Treehouse

Billy Berghammer revealed on Twitter this week that he's landed a new job at Nintendo of America; the former journalist is now a product development analyst for Nintendo's Treehouse division, which is responsible for translating text from Japanese to English, guiding North American marketing, and generally just ensuring that Nintendo's top games are as polished as they can be when they are released in the US.

Full report here

Final Fantasy Explorers - more TGS 2014 demo details

- Black Mage casts attack magic and is armed with spells like Blizzara (L + X), Fira (L + Y), and Thundara (L + B)
- each spell has a different area of effect
- Fira shoots a fireball straight ahead
- Blizzara creates a splash of ice spikes right around you
- Thundara makes a lightning bolt falls from the sky and creates a ball of electricity
- Drain to restore life and Aspir, which recovers the Trance gauge
- Flare has a casting time delay
- Flare also has a longer cooldown time
- other spells have cooldown periods
- multiplayer quest involves taking down Shiva
- this portion of the game starts off in a beach area where you fight crabs
- Cure spells have an area of effect
- Shiva can freeze players in ice crystals
- she can also make ice spikes pop out of the ground or perform a Diamond Dust attack, which is a concentrated laser beam
- when using a crystal to transform, the Black Mage turns into Terra from Final Fantasy VI
- Ninja has a mix of slashes and self-buffing abilities
- Ninja’s transformation changes you into Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
- Time Mage has spells like Haste, which increases your dash speed, and Meteor, a slow firing move that dropped a giant meteor on to the battlefield


Wild Guns - Wii U VC trailer

Direct link here

Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori - trailer

Direct link here

Capcom stage shows - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, The Great Ace Attorney

Hyrule Warriors - more footage

Bayonetta 2 - nearly 40 mins of footage

Direct link here

Smash Bros Wii U: Castle Siege Head-to-Head Comparison (Wii U vs. Wii)

Direct link here

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