TowerFall creator announces Celeste for Switch

Check out screens at the official site

Oh man, count me in for day one with this game. This looks exactly like the kind of game I love. Can't wait to see more!

Aonuma discusses his biggest challenge in creating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Question: What was the biggest challenge encountered when developing this game?

EA: The most difficult thing was to create such a massive game. It was the first time we were making such a big game, and when we started, we actually thought it would be impossible. To create this huge world, we needed a big development team. To build this world, we had to start from a base, and then add new elements little by little. What took the most time was setting up a work environment adapted to such a big development team, but also build the game engine.

Irish choral ensemble Anúna recording tracks for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Music composers:

Yasunori Mitsuda
ACE (Tomori Kudo, CHiCO)
Kenji Hiramatsu
Manami Kiyota

- Anúna, the choral ensemble from Ireland, is providing the vocals for 4 pieces
- Yasunori Mitsuda is a huge fan of Anúna, which is how they got involved with the project

The following comes from Andrea Delaney (from Anúna)...

Unreal recording experience with sound engineer Brian Masterson on composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s music for Nintendo Switch Xenoblade2! I swear, if I could do this every day, I would… Putting me in the mood for some recording and sharing of my own.

Nintendo NY to feature Pokemon Sun/Moon lounge for Pokemon Day

Another great reason to check out Nintendo NY. When you get done in the Pokemon lounge, you can line up for some Zelda: Breath of the Wild action!

Yooka-Laylee character profile - Kartos

Remember, Playtonic are revealing a character and some info every single day on their Twitter account. Follow up and keep tabs on the reveals!

San-ei Bokei releasing Kirby 25th anniversary retro plush dolls/pouches

Now this is something I haven't seen before. San-ei Bokei is releasing these retro Kirby plushes/pouches for the series' 25th anniversary. They'll be due out in April. We'll keep an eye out for import retailers!

Kickstarter - Narita Boy has a Switch stretch goal

You are Narita Boy, a legendary digital hero in an epic quest through simultaneous dimensions.

The digital kingdom is under attack and you are called as their last hope of survival. Explore a vast world to find the techno sword, the only effective weapon against the threat.

The aesthetic of the game is inspired by retro pixel adventures (Castlevania, Another World, Double Dragon) with a modern touch (Superbrothers, Sword and Sorcery) and an 80s plot homage (Ready Player One, He-Man, The Last Starfighter), accompanied by the retro synth touch of the old glory days.

Kickstarter here