Unconfirmed - Yoshi's New Island sales for March 2014 NPD

Once again, not a confirmed number by Nintendo, but we do have some unconfirmed reports on sales for Yoshi's New Island. It seems that the title, combined with the special 3DS XL, managed to sell just under 160k. If that's true, that would put the title at #10 on the single-SKU NPD chart.


Random Time! - Princess Peach does her best Miley Cyrus impression

Check out more pics here

Amazon - Fire Emblem: Awakening for $32

Australia - Super Mario 3D World art contest hitting Art Academy: Sketchpad

Unconfirmed reports put Wii/Wii U total March 2014 NPD sale at under 100k

Nintendo didn't put out a press release to go along with today's NPD numbers. Some might think they're being quite because of poor sales. Unconfirmed reports point in that direction, saying that combined sales of Wii and Wii U in March didn't manage to break the 100k mark.


Paradise Lost: First Contact dev talk multiplayer potential, release schedule

A portion of a Cliqist interview with dev Enol Martinez...

Cliqist : Will anything multiplayer or co-op related be implemented into the game eventually or is there already something like that incorporated into it?

Enol Martinez : As I said, we didn’t make it to create a complex multiplayer experience, but we’re taking those ideas from another game that we have in our heads.

Cliqist : How is the current progress with the game? Can we still expect the game to be released this fall? Will the Ouya and Wii U versions be released at the same time as the PC/Mac/Linux version?

Enol Martinez : We are taking things not overnight, but a steady pace. Our first priority is the make the game the best we can, and this probably difficult the release of the game this year. The other non PC versions of the game will be released later on 2015.

Full interview here

Conception II - comparing 3DS to Vita cut-scenes

Soul Saga - first alpha footage

Check out the full update here

GameFly lists Scooby-Doo! & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: Adventure for 3DS

This game was made by WB Montreal originally for mobiles. Looks like a 3DS version is in the works!


Team Curse's Super Smash Bros. Team Expands with Juan Manuel "Hungrybox" DeBiedma

Last week, Team Curse announced their signing of veteran Smasher Kashan “Chillindude” Khan, marking their first dip into the fighting game community waters. But that was far from a one-off event, as the competitive gaming organization hast just revealed that Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma will be joining Chillin as part of their newly-formed Super Smash Bros. team.

Formerly part of CLASH Tournaments, DeBiedma is the most current of the Super Smash Bros. players to be signed to a competitive team, bringing with him a Jigglypuff that many hold up as the best in the world. He most recently placed first at the CEO 2014 Prologue tournament and third at Revival of Melee 7, behind only CT.EMP|Mew2King and MIOM|Mango.

Full press release here

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