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Posted: 09/01/2014 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements

The fifth installment of our Xeodrifter dev diary series is now up-and-running. Make sure to check it out right here!


'new' Nintendo 3DS Models Will Not Come With a Power Adapter in Japan

Some translations of the 'new' 3DS systems Japanese site by Nintendo Enthusiasts reveal that the system will not come packaged with an AC adaptor, much like the 3DS XL. Other tidbits include the ability to quickly switch tabs in the internet browser using the Z triggers and the inclusion of a 4GB micro SD card


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call - Quest Medley Mode Overview Trailler

Tenkai Knights - Brave Battle Japanese Commercial

Teslagrad - NES Style Boxart

Teslagrad Developers Modify Nintendo's Wii U Release Schedule Infographic

Blok Drop U Reaches Sales Milestone

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Announced - Crossover Between Harvest Moon & PoPoLoCrois Story

In this weeks Famitsu a new 3DS title was announced that sees the PoPoLoCrois series and Harvest Moon series cross paths. The game is an RPG that starts Prince Pietro, who goes on adventures with SRPG style combat as well has having a farm to tend to.


RUMOR - 'new' Nintendo 3DS Models Not Region Locked & NNID Changes Coming

Smash Bros Themed T-Shirt Range

Check out the full range here!

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - The Backlog: Sigma Star Saga (and a question for you!)

Mom Brain goes back to work tomorrow. She's a teacher, so that means back to the classroom. For me, that means the Summer is over! I know it's not technically over yet, but with her back at her regular job, the fun times have ended. Where in the world did the Summer go?! For those of you heading back to school, I wish you the best of luck this school year. Now let the countdown for Summer begin again! See you in a few, short hours.

Have you noticed that I'm a fan of WayForward? I might have said that a few million times on the site over the years. I don't know what it is about WayForward that tickles my fancy so, but I just love their work. Maybe it's the gameplay, the artwork, the animation or all of it thrown together. Whatever it is, it ends up being my cup of tea. I'm always down to check out any of their games...but one in particular has escaped me until now.

I purchased Sigma Star Saga when it came out. That was back in the GBA days. I remember plopping it into my GBA and going an hour with the game...and that was it. My life got ridiculously busy and I never got back to the game. Obviously I've played many other games since then, but the further out I got from Sigma Star Saga, the less I thought about getting back to it.

Eventually enough years passed that I knew that when I did return, I'd have to delete my save and start all over. That time came about just a few days back. Since I picked up a Retron 5, I had the perfect excuse to give the game another go. Now I could plug in an SNES controller and play the game on the big screen. I felt bad for so long for not playing it that I had to jump in now.

I'm very happy to say that I am multiple hours deep in the experience and have gotten much further than I ever did before. Boy oh boy, what a mistake I made letting things get in the way the first time I played. So far, this seems like such a unique experience that a lot of people overlooked. I don't know if it was due to low initial shipments or it just got lost on store shelves, but it certainly is worth a look.

Imagine if someone took an action RPG and gutted out the traditional battles and replaced them with space shooter segments. That's exactly what Sigma Star Saga does. You'll walk around on-foot and explore areas and shoot some enemies, then the game will randomly suck you up into a spaceship and have you battle your way through alien enemies. You have to defeat a certain number of them to complete the random battle in order to drop back down to the planet below and continue your exploration. I don't know of any other game that even comes near what Sigma Star Saga does. Perhaps that's another reason why people were reluctant to check it out. It was just too different from established genres.

As I was saying, I'm playing this on my Retron 5. I have the ability to stream the game for you guys as I play. Would that be something you'd be interested in seeing? Maybe we could give a few nights a go? I'm definitely willing to give it a shot if you guys are interested in seeing that. Just leave a comment and let me know!

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