Nintendo of Canada - Super Smash Club: Toronto Event

The behind-the-scenes story of how Tails became Tails

Coming from former Sega of America marketing director Al Nilsen...

"Madeline Schroeder, who worked for me, we affectionately called her 'The Mother of Sonic.' And she defanged Sonic—I called her 'Sonic's orthodontist.' She was the one who worked with [Sonic co-creator Yuji] Naka and his team in Japan on Sonic 1, making him a little softer, and a little nicer. Because he was really a mean character—a mean-looking character. And she was also our person at [Sega Technical Institute] who was going in and watching them. So we stayed very much hands-off. She was the one who came into my office and said those words which brought terror and fear into my life: 'Miles Prower.'

And I was like, 'Absolutely not. I do not want this name. This is not a great name.' And I thought it was an interesting pun, but not a name for a character. And we tried everything to go and convince the Sonic team, and [we weren't successful]. Finally, [Sega of America President] Tom [Kalinske] said, 'Come up with a back story.' And so, Madeline and I wrote a back story, and I had to go and present it [to Sega of Japan]. And the back story that you read in Console Wars is the actual thing I presented there. If it feels a little disjointed, it's because I would read a paragraph, and then [SOA/SOJ liaison] Shinobu Toyoda had to translate it into Japanese. And, literally, [the Sega of Japan representatives] are just like this (furrows his brow). "

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DuckTales - Moon cover by Game and Sound

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GrubberGamer's Halloween Deals Part 2: Luigi and friends (Oct-21-2014)

Luigi and friends

My memory is a little fuzzy, but we must have picked up our first Gamecube shortly after launch. And with it, Luigi's Mansion.

I distinctly remember coming home from work, my daughter running up to me, excitedly explaining how she had just finished the game. She had been playing it all day, apparently - she would have usually been in school but was home for some forgotten reason. Thanksgiving break, probably.

And I remember asking Mrs. GrubberGamer, "She finished it already!?" It was more a stunned statement than a question. I honestly hadn't expected the game to be completed so soon, and - frankly - was a little disappointed it had been, as I had hoped it would have kept her entertained until Christmas.

Thankfully, Luigi's Mansion kept her entertained for over a decade.

Luigi's first foray into ghost-hunting is one of my daughter's favorite games, if not THE favorite. She's played it repeatedly year after year - to the point where she can probably recite a walkthru of the game from memory alone. Luigi himself is her favorite game character, always the brother of choice when given the option in any Mario game. Growing up, you can trace her later interests in supernatural entertainment - the Fatal Frames and the Ghost Hunters and the Paranormal Activities - back to Luigi and his original, haunted adventure. Luigi's Mansion made quite an impact.

So when Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was announced, she purchased her own lime-green 3DS in anticipation, eventually picking up the game day one.

Dark Moon is pretty much everything the original was, only more. More variety, more real estate, more play time, more mechanics. It doesn't deviate from the formula, but then again, no one really wanted it to - everyone simply wanted to play more Luigi's Mansion. Developers Next Level Games and Nintendo delivered a fantastic follow-up - we can only hope they're hard at work on Luigi's Mansion 3.

After all, a decade between Luigi's Mansions is a decade too long. No matter how entertaining the games are. :)

Look for October 21st, 2014's complete list of game deals after the jump, along with the latest Wii U, 3DS and amiibo pre-order offers - thanks for reading!

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IGN - The New Nintendo 3DS Loads Games Super Fast

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - 30 minutes of demo footage

Direct link here

Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures 2 - Wii U first look

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Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 - Martial Arts Training Facility mode explained

Martial Arts Training Facility Mode

- Martial Arts Training Facility has various objectives
- these include defeating characters and reaching certain destinations
- the goal is to basically amass as many points possible
- use the character change system wisely and earn points
- missions will have various conditions going on
- when you start, you’ll have a time limit of five minutes
- when you clear a mission, you’ll get some more time extended
- you also earn points as you play through and also from enemy drops
- clear a certain amount of mission to open an escape
- guest enemy characters include Orochi, Sun Wukong, Kyubi and Lu Bu
- points acquired in this mode can be used to purchase various equipment and other items
- leaderboard where rankings get reset after a certain period of time.
- class system which offers players more ways to get rewards


Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire removes the character movement grid

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth's chibi art style explained

Coming from a USGamer interview with designer Shigenori Soejima...

"This was my first time working in the super-deformed art style. It was a good experience, but very different. I'm not used to making characters look so cute! But because there's so many different characters, I had fun working on all of them, trying to make them look as adorable as possible.

There are two big reasons for the super-deformed art style. One being that, because this is a crossover with Etrian, which has always had that style, we wanted to keep that iconic look so that when people saw it they'd know, 'Oh, this is similar to Etrian Odyssey.' If it were in the regular-looking Persona style, especially on 3DS, people might be confused and wonder, 'Is this a new Persona game, a new Etrian title?' Secondly, on the 3DS, the screen is much smaller. My usual type of character designs... trying to squeeze them onto a tiny screen just wouldn't look good. In order for my characters to shine, basically we had to scale them down."


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