Japan - This week's 3DS demo

Despair Fortress Escape Adventure

- 228 blocks
- 10 plays
- full game out on July 16th
- priced at ¥5,184

Legends of Yore coming to Wii U, maybe 3DS

Today we’re pleased to announce that we are working with Coke & Code. We’re now co-developers working on their game “The Legends of Yore”. What we will do is take Legends of Yore and make it a console version, but “totally different”. We will respect the mechanics and the world of Yore, but we will implement some changes and add new content.

– New engine
– New revamped interface
– Adapted controls to console
– New character customization options
– New content

Those are just some of the new things what we plan to implement in the game. This really will be a “Legends of Yore Remaster”. The release plans for the game are: First on PC and Nintendo Wii U, with possibilities of launch the game later in PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. About the launch date, maybe between august or September.

Japan - This week's 3DS themes

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX – 200 yen
Show By Rock!! (x2) – 200 yen each
Sumikko Gurashi (x2) – 200 yen each
Alice and the Magic Playing Cards – 100 yen
Puchikon No. 3 PhD – 200 yen
Runny Egg – 100 yen
Zomgeri Panic Nightmare – 50 yen

RUMOR - David Wise working on unannounced Nintendo project

Coming at the one hour, fifty minute mark...

Thanks to Thedestructo94 for the heads up!

Super Mario 30th anniversary concert hitting Japan

Super Mario 30th anniversary concert

- taking place in Osaka

- taking place on 9/20

- also happening in Tokyo on 9/21

- rumored appearance by Miyamoto