Smash Bros. series - evolution of character taunts and graphics

Direct link here

Story of Seasons dev blog 5 - Angora rabbit pocket plushie

Story of Seasons has all the animals you’d expect to see on a farm, from cows to sheep to chickens, and even some unusual furry friends like alpacas. But there are some new faces in the barn as well. First up is the Angora rabbit. These friendly balls of fluff live in coops alongside your chickens. They’re not too fond of shears, but that’s okay – they’ll drop their excess hair for you every so often, which you can collect and weave into fabulous sweaters, long johns, or whatever else you might like.

Now, the Angora rabbit has cast its enchanting spell over all of us here at XSEED, so much so that we wanted to extend to you the opportunity to have one for yourself. Thus, we’re proud to present…the Angora rabbit pocket plushie!

Full blog here

Fox amiibo, sans painted eyebrows, pops up on eBay

Auction here (thanks Joe!)

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 13

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Shiny the Firefly - review

A portion of a 4cr review...

Shiny The Firefly is a fun game that will keep players busy for a few hours. The easy to understand gameplay mechanics, colorful graphics and cheerful music will make this an easy sell for younger gamers, and the extra challenge from collecting all stars in every level for a perfect run will test the skills of more experienced players.

Full review here

Chariot - file size

Two Tribes teases another RIVE trailer incoming

Level-5 3DS eShop sale hitting NA/EU next week

Smash Bros. Wii U - NSFW stage creations

Check out more here (NSFW)

Fan-Art: Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Nails

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