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Posted: 04/22/2014 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements

Think you've got what it takes to work on GN? Are you able to take the late-night shift? I'm looking for someone that can star work somewhere after 3 AM East coast and push through until around 10 AM. If you want more details, please email me at!


Watch_Dogs - Ubisoft video interview

Direct link here

Yoshi's Island - Wii U VC footage, impressions

Direct link here

Terra Incognita - teaser footage

Direct link here (thanks Matt!)

A pair of GBA reviews

Two GBA reviews from NWR...

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Yoshi's Island

Terra Incognita Kickstarter update - mapping

So I have been working everyday on mapping, pixel art for in game weapons, items, gear and environmental stuff. I have run out of funding, but luckily, I have all the game music/sounds and tons of pixel art to work with. I will draw the rest of the pixel art for the game.

Full update here (Thanks Matt!)

Dorkly Comic - Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet


Nintendo Pocket Football Club - review

A portion of a C3 review...

Rather than being able to put actual management skills to the test to build a squad to rise through the leagues and win cups that way, this is more of a grind quest to increase player stats in order to win games. It holds amusement for a brief period, but the novelty factor phases out hastily.

Full review here

Wii U eShop (Japan) gets NES Remix 2 music makeover

Skylanders Trap Team - video feature, interview

Direct link here

More insight into Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut

Coming from a ExpansiveDLC interview with Rob Yescombe...

“The Director’s Cut is a single-location thriller. It’s about figuring out what the Qube is, and why you’re inside it. You’re told you are an astronaut inside some kind of alien structure hurtling towards Earth, but it’s also about something deeper than that.

We are conditioned to expect death and doom. We’re resigned to it. At its heart, this story is about that state of mind and how it effects the way we view our experiences, in games and in life. The Director’s Cut will feel either heroic or unnerving, depending on your own personal trust issues.”

- voice actors include Rachael Robinson (Fang from the Final Fantasy XIII) and Royal Shakespeare Company actor Rupert Evans
- new musical score
- 10-level time trial mode
- high score leaderboards
- still due out this year


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