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Chat Room Rules (Show)

The following rules are intended only to provide a baseline for behavior in the IRC room. They are not all-inclusive, since not every situation can be predicted, but hopefully with some common sense and decency, our chat members won't pursue situations which their behavior is in question.

By entering the chat, you are agreeing to abide by them, or face consequences which can include but not be limited to kicking or banning.

Basic Rules (tl;dr version):

  1. Be respectful to each other. If a user asks you to leave them alone, do so. Don't tease or egg people on. When someone asks you to drop a subject, drop it. It *should* go without saying, but Ops has final say on if someone is "bugging" someone where a "plase stop" is in order. A simple comment of "wow, can't you accept anybody's opinion" or something that's not a personal attack is not something one needs to be defensive about.
  2. Keep the discussion to a PG-13 level. You are free to talk about M-Rated games, obviously. Just keep things sane. This rule is relaxed the later in the day it gets, but don't go overboard. Op(s) discression as to what is considered "overboard."
  3. Don't advertise/spam your site unless it has to do with the topic at hand.
  4. Don't spam text, colors, and formatting.
  5. LEARN HOW TO IGNORE PEOPLE. If you don't like someone, you can do several things about it: (1) ask them nicely to stop. (2) don't pay attention to them anymore when they talk in chat. (3) use your IRC client's tools to block them so you'll never see them talk again. If you believe the issue is severe, ask an Operator for assistance.
  6. UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS. Dispite what you beleive, Kirby's Magic Funhouse Time may not be the best game ever in other people's eyes. Accept that people have different tastes than you. Some people actually like short, arcadey games. Shocking, I know!
  7. UNDERSTAND AND LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE. (See also: "Jest" below)
  8. Keep game spoilers to a minium. If the game just came out, try not to blurt out the way to the secret door behind the third pillar. That being said, the character list in Mario Kart and saying the number of levels in a Kirby game is not a spoiler. Use your best judgement.
  9. RESPECT A PERSON'S LIFE CHOICES. Any *attack* based on race, sexual orientation, background, etc. that a user takes offense to is not tolerated. Jest or not.

Code of Conduct (aka A more wordier version):

  1. Disruptive messenging - Messages sent to the channel that prevent discussion on a chosen topic are prohibited. Such messages include, but are not limited to: Flooding/Spamming, Nickchange abuse, Joining/parting abuse (exception being network trouble), and **EXCESSIVE** Format code abuse
  2. Racial/prejudicial statements or attacks - Any negative statement or action made against a person or group of people based upon their race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or cultural background and is found to be offensive is not acceptable and a violation of conduct.
  3. Graphic/Sexual material - This is allowed to the point it becomes offensive (Try to keep it PG13). If you have questions about something you want to share with the room, ask the OP(s) on duty first. Additionally, please add a [NSFW] before the link in order to warn other users.
  4. Threats - Personal threats made against another person or oneself are not tolerated. This includes implied or direct threats which are *not* **obviously** made in jest.
  5. Game spoilers - These should be kept to a minimum, and contain vague information at the most. i.e. "I am on the 3rd dungeon", not "Aeris dies!!!1!one". Repeatedly posting spoilers will result in warning eventually ending in a ban. Links to articles/sites etc. are required to have a spoiler tag.
  6. Jest - Things said or done in obvious "jest" should be taken as such. Operators and users are required to have a sense of humor. Failure to have a sense of humor will result in death by being forced to watch Carrot Top movies until one's brain explodes. The previous sentence is an example of such jest (a fact that, if you're unable to comprehend, you are a poor, soul-less heap of flesh and have my sympathy). Keep in mind that this does not promote humor made in obvious bad taste (i.e. making fun of someone because their parents just died or their girlfriend left them), however it should be noted that if you don't want to run the risk of being made fun of for something, *don't discuss it publicly*. Making fun of a user for something they wish to keep private OR have asked nicely to not discuss it does *NOT* fall under jest.

PMs vs The room
Anything that is said in the chatroom is room business. If you call someone a worthless piece of sh*t in the room, that is obviously bannable. If you take an argument to a PM (either with a regular user or an Op), what happens in the PM stays in the PM. Harrassment and annoyance in a PM should be handle via #abuse. Please the /ignore command first. If that still doesn't work, then go to #abuse.
Spamming PMs to Ops complaining about a ban and insulting the op can extend the ban.

** Admins and Operators have the right to kick or ban a person for any reason. Room founder's word is final. **

Again these rules are intended only to keep peace and order in the chat. Please feel free to private message any of the OPs with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. If you have a complaint that needs action taken, be sure to include enough information, including some sort of proof or log of the activity. Hearsay is not actionable as proof of anyone's wrongdoing. OPs will keep logs, especially when taking action against a user, but logs beyond that are your own responsibility.

Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved in the chat environment, please contact t27duck for help.

Your Friendly IRC Ops

IRC Quick Help Guide (Show)
Changing Your Nick: Type /nick [new_nickname]

If your nickname gets changed to Guest, someone else on the network has registered it. Unless you own the nick, you'll have to pick another nickname.

To register a nickname, type /nickserv register [password] [email_address]

Once you sign on with your registered nickname you need to type /nickserv identify [password] before your nick gets changed to a Guest nick.
Joining Another Room: Type /join #[channel_name]
You can switch between rooms you've joined by using the tabs at the top of the chat application
Identifying Ops: Ops (Chatroom Moderators) have a @ or ! symbol next to their name in the users list. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same to you.