Details on Cabbage, a Nintendo-development N64DD game that never released

- worked on by Shigesato Itoi (Mother), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) and Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokemon
- players were put in control of a creature that they’d have to raise, feed and carry around with them
- the creature's name was Cabbage
- would use the 64DD’s internal clock to keep the character and virtual world running
- featured Game Boy connectivity
- the creature could be transferred to the GB, tended to during the day then returned to the 64DD at night
- network functionality to visit other player’s worlds
- plans to release more content on “disks”, which would include stuff like toys and play equipment for Cabbage
- no screens, video every released
- “Itoi and Ishihara got busy” with other projects

Adventures of Pip releasing on June 11th in NA, no EU release yet

Coming from the official Kickstarter...

Exciting news, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve finalized our final build for Adventures of Pip!

So polish up those pixel punching powers, Pip is heading your way to Steam on June 4th and on Wii U (NA) June 11th! Yaaay!

We want to thank you guys for being so patient and supportive during our short delay, we appreciate it!

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no news on the EU release of Adventures of Pip. We will update you guys on any info regarding an EU version of Pip when it's possible.

RegionFOUR gets updated to work with more firmware versions

Japan sees worst post-Golden Week sales since 2001

We already reported that Golden Week sales in Japan were pretty bad, but it seems like the week after was even worse. Here's the info from Media-Create.

Info for the week of May 11th – May 17th

- lowest post-Golden Week period since 2001
- in comparison to 2014, sales dropped to 61.93%.

Fire Emblem If - Another round of Famitsu interview details (gameplay, characters, classes and more)

Fire Emblem If

- game’s movie scenes are typically observed from a first-person perspective
- reminder: Phoenix Mode is the mode where fallen characters are resurrected on the next turn
- this was designed for newcomers; not existing Fire Emblem fans
- playing in this mode, there may be complicated victory conditions on certain maps
- this includes reaching a destination within a certain number of turns
- one of the major challenges was to find ways to help newcomers enjoy the game without feeling too stressful
- one thing considered was the timing of when to use valuable weapons
- this form of intense micro-management was too much for newcomers to properly enjoy
- by removing the durability of weapons and giving them more interesting properties, it allows for more enjoyable play
- weapon Weight isn’t in, but there are “strong weapons that are harder to double attack with”
- Javelins and similar ranged weapons (such as Hand Axes) can no longer double attack
- Yusuke Kozaki retained his role as character designer because the staff all wanted him back
- Fire Emblem If has more characters than Awakening
- there were worries about who to call if Yusuke Kozaki didn’t accept the offer
- game takes place in a “completely new world"
- there are familiar elements that are sure to bring a smile to those who have played Awakening
- while Nohr is Western-themed, it also carries a dark atmosphere
- its castle even stands in the middle of a giant hole in the ground
- Hoshido is a pacifist kingdom with exceptional peace and order
- Nohr is subject to terrible weather conditions, leading to poor crop yields and a lack of law and order
- in order to expand Nohr’s influence, King Garon orders his children to invade Hoshido
- the royal siblings fight for Nohr, although they each harbor their own hidden thoughts
- Hoshidan royals take up arms to repel the Nohrian invasion
- as this happens, the hero is stuck in between and forced to make a difficult choice
- classes available largely depend on the campaign chosen
- in Nohr, you will typically see more characters in familiar classes, like Cavaliers
- in Hoshido, most of the characters are in Japanese-themed classes, like Samurais
- weapons you can obtain depend on the campaign as well
- in Nohr, you will commonly obtain “swords”
- in Hoshido you are more likely to find “katanas”, which have slightly different properties
- Pegasus Knights technically do not exist in this game, as they are replaced by the “Pegasus Warrior” class
- Pegasus Warriors can be male or female
- after reclassing, they can wield Bows in addition to Lances
- one screen has Joker the Butler about to use a new Parallel Seal to reclass into a Paladin, Great Knight or Strategist
- the Strategist is a horseback unit that wields Tomes and Staves
- Parallel Seals, unlike Second Seals, do not reset a unit’s Level afterwards
- characters may have only two class branches, unlike the three they had in Awakening