Grimecraft remixes Donkey Kong Country's 'Aquatic Ambiance' for Video Game Music Awards


Monster Hunter XX expected to sell 2 million

Is Capcom going to localize Monster Hunter XX? We don't know that yet, but we do know how well Capcom is expecting the game to sell. According to their financial report, the company believes Monster Hunter XX can move 2 million units. With the way things are going for the Monster Hunter brand right now, I think that's quite doable!

Project Sonic 2017 to include new character, features 2D & 3D stages, plus more

The following info comes from a SEGA meet-and-greet with fans...

- Project Sonic 2017 will feature a new character
- play both classic stages in 2D and modern 3D stages
- another feature will be added on top of that

Splatoon mini weapon collection hitting Japan

Yet another collectible goody for the Splatoon fans in Japan. When are we going to see some of this merch get an official release stateside?!

Nintendo still without concrete plans for Super Mario Run launch in China

China is absolutely huge when it comes to the mobile market. It would serve Nintendo very well to launch Super Mario Run in China. I'm sure they're going to do it, but it doesn't sound like it's a priority right now.

Nintendo on why Super Mario Run is launching this year, Pokemon GO success/strategy

Q10. Regarding the smart device business, I'd like to know why #SuperMarioRun will go on sale before the previously-announced Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Also, with the success of #PokemonGO, are there any mid-term changes to the dir. of smart device activities?

A10. At the start of the fiscal year, we announced that 5 smart device apps would be released by the end of March 2017. Super Mario Run is one of them. Afterwards, development circumstances led us to confirm their release within the year, and so we reconsidered the order.

As #PokemonGO is supported by many customers, in this case, we decided it might be better for #SuperMarioRun to go before the others.While there was a big unknown as to how the smart device business would affect our existing business, it was extremely encouraging to see #PokemonGO provide synergy with packaged software just as we'd imagined. In this way, we'd like to strengthen how we develop smart device titles. Of course, our basic thinking on the smart device business hasn't changed from the 3 points outlined in today's presentation.

Switch software aims to appeal to all ages/generations

Q6. Watching the #NintendoSwitch into video, it looked more fashionable than any previous consoles and looked aimed at gamers, not families. Should we expect that the launch software lineup will be targeted at hardcore gamers as well? You said that you're aiming for all ages so I'd like to hear your software strategy.

A6. This video primarily introduced the unique characteristics of "anytime, anywhere, with anyone." While there were some hints as to the software for #NintendoSwitch, we're not ready to give the whole picture. I think you'll first be able to understand what new experiences it offers with its integration of hardware and software when you see the software lineup this January, & actually try it out. I think you'll be able to feel how #NintendoSwitch appeals to all kinds of customers, of all ages.

Nintendo not ready to talk about certain Switch features, has a plan for things not shown

Q3. The #NintendoSwitch had been billed as a new way to play games, but judging by the intro video, it looks like it just plays existing games in different places. Could you please give us your impressions of the #NintendoSwitch, including what's new about it?

A3. In regard to the question about what's new, I cannot provide any specs beyond what was shown in the intro video. As I'm part of a generation of older video game players, I think that it's difficult to offer software that satisfies my generation. We do have plans, including an applicable software lineup, for things not shown in the video, so I'm personally very much looking forward to it. I hope that everyone is able to try it out this January.

Nintendo on not selling Switch at a loss, third party support 'encouraging'

Q2. The #NintendoSwitch intro video gives me high hopes for the software lineup. How will you apply the lessons of the #WiiU, in pricing? Also, why do you think you were able to get the cooperation of 3rd-parties on #NintendoSwitch that didn't support the #WiiU?

A2: Because we're not announcing specs today, I can't compare #NintendoSwitch to the #WiiU. As the name indicates, it allows you to "switch" your gameplay experience, while the Wii U offers a different type of experience. In terms of price, as I said before, we will not sell at a loss. We want people of all ages to play Nintendo's products, so we will take customers' valuation of our products into account. In terms of 3rd-party support, they understand #NintendoSwitch offers different surprises than standard consoles, so many indicated that they would actively support it. Also, following the intro video, even more software makers have expressed interest in developing for it. It's very encouraging.