My Parents Play - Castlevania III

My parents are back and they're taking on an NES classic. How far can my parents make it in Castlevania III? Can they even make it anywhere!? Have a watch and you might be surprised!

A look at Pokemon GO's paying players

Have we reached peak Pokémon? Recent data from Slice Intelligence reveals that Pokémon GO’s paying population apexed on July 15th, when the game had 56 percent more paying players than all other mobile games combined. Since then, however, Pokemon’s group of paying players has shrunk by 32 percent.

Niantic shouldn’t be shaking in its Pokéballs yet. The game is still huge. In the quest to catch ’em all, thousands of players have made in-game purchases on PokéCoins, the game’s currency, in order to acquire more tools to become a master trainer. Spending on PokéCoins accounted for 52 percent of the entire mobile gaming market’s revenue on July 15th, positioning Pokémon Go as the most lucrative mobile game since its launch.

Full report here

Niantic working on Pokémon GO updates that 'respect private institutions'

A portion of a L.A. Times interview with Pokemon Company's consumer marketing director J.C. Smith...

“When something is really popular, we have to figure out the most respectful way to deal with it and make sure that everyone is playing safely and doing things in a respectful manner. It's only been two weeks since it launched, and there's been so much attention and so many people playing that it's tough to think of all the ways it could affect the world.

For us, we're making sure the play experience is done right. Initially, there was some server overload, which we've worked on. Now, we're looking at features in the game and how to fine-tune them so that it's appealing to the fans but also respectful of the private institutions that are affected by it.”

NVIDIA devs regularly sneak away to play Smash Bros. in office gaming room

“People love Nintendo. People would come for the studio, and stay for Smash. More than once I’ve been gaming, looked up and it’s midnight, and there’s one of the security guards, and it’s like ‘Hey, here’s one of the security guards checking in on us again.’”" - .Matthew DeNovio, the NVIDIA Super Smash Bros. club’s founder and organizer

While the group had humble beginnings, it has now grown to 40 members, all of which are tucked away inside the walls of NVIDIA. It's not so much a secret room, but that's the moniker the room has taken on over the years. Pretty great to see that even with all these devs working on various graphics chips and gaming-related tech, they still have a love of just playing games.

Park in Florida asks to have their Pokémon GO PokéStops removed

Ballast Point Park in Tampa, Florida is a hotspot for Pokémon GO activity. Lots of Pokémon to catch, lots of PokéStops to visit. This has brought in a lot of foot traffic, and it seems this rush is causing some trouble for the surrounding neighborhoods. It's also caused an official request to have the park's PokéStops removed.

“We’re consistently responding to complaints about large crowds gathering when the park is closed. The crowds are also affecting traffic, so not only are we dispersing hundreds of people we’re also re-routing traffic to ease congestion in the neighborhood We want people to enjoy the game, but we want them to do it when the park is open." - Tampa police spokeswoman Janelle McGregor

Just last week, there was an incident in the park that ended with a young man being tased by police, all because he wouldn't leave the park after it was closed. No word on Niantic as far as the request goes.

Citizens of Earth returns to 3DS eShop

Remember when Citizens of Earth was removed from the 3DS eShop due to a vulnerability that let it run unsigned code? Well it looks like those days are over. The game has returned to the 3DS eShop and can once again be downloaded/purchased. Certainly took awhile to return, didn't it?!

Report says Pokémon GO bringing in $10 million a day, actually helping other apps

The following report blurb comes from intelligence firm App Annie...

The Pokémon GO phenomenon is showing little sign of losing steam. The app continues to earn daily revenue of over $10 million on iOS and Google Play combined, even though it has been over three weeks since its initial launch. Because of its unprecedented success, we have received numerous inquiries from our customers about its effect on revenue and user engagement of other leading apps and games.

Interestingly, it appears that Pokémon GO’s impact has been largely additive to the app economy. More importantly, it has given app developers a blueprint for increasing engagement with their users and opening up new revenue opportunities.

Full report here