The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Toad Man

Number: DWN-026

Weapon: Rain Flush

Weakness: Drill Bomb

A farming robot made to bring about rainfall on set days. You can’t dodge his Rain Flush, but you can prevent it.

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Blast Off for Sugar Shock: Astral Breakers Lifts Off August 6th for Wii U eShop

It’s called Astral Breakers, and it’s a brand new cooperative-competitive action puzzle game. That’s quite the mouthful, so let me break it down.

Basically, you break colorful spheres and then watch with glee as your opponent’s mouth gapes open in horror as a massive chunk of garbage spheres drops on his/her playing field! Fun, right? is if you’re the winner, anyway. When I play against Lisa, it never ends well for me.

What makes our game different, you ask?

For starters, it’s balanced with eSports in mind, and finished with a casual touch. I’m an eSports writer, she likes ridiculously cute things, we’re both engineers by trade. We combined our powers, and Astral Breakers was born. Everybody wins.
Also, aside from the fact you can play against each other in a Versus mode…
Or team up against the CPU in a special two-player SuperNova survival mode…
You can even draw your own characters. Astral Breakers is based on a Zodiac theme, and you can use the Wii U GamePad to plot your own constellations.
When you do, those constellations will take on different properties when you take them into battle.
Based on what you name your creations and how you draw them, their drop pattern and drop intensity (amount of garbage dropped on an opponent) will change. Generally, the more complex the drawing, the more lethal your custom constellations become.

Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can pick from any of the 12 existing Zodiac constellations. But we know you aren’t lazy. You are going to want to see shenanigans. And we at Intropy Games provide shenanigans of the ridiculously over-the-top saccharine-sweet hurt-your-teeth kind. The best shenanigans ever.

Nintendo stock continues its resurgence

As you can see, Nintendo's stock has a long way to go before it hits the highs of the Wii/DS success story, but stock nowadays is certainly no slouch. It's starting to get back to a high that we haven't seen since 2010. Let's hope that Wii U/3DS continue to trend upwards and that the NX really kicks off Nintendo's return to their usual profits.

New PoPoLoCRoIS in the works

- announced in the strategy guide for PoPoLoCRoIS: Return to A Story of Seasons Fairytale
- supposed to be like the 1998 PlayStation title Poporogue
- will have many new species
- platform unconfirmed at this time