Pokemon news - Sun/Moon gift, Shuffle content

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Global Link Gift

- gift for trading 5 or more Pokémon is now available
- gift of 5 Rare Candy and 1 Friend Ball
- can be redeemed until March 30th at 23:59 UTC

Pokémon Shuffle - Events

- Mega Rayquaza competitive stage
- the top 100 players in Europe, 150 in North America and 500 players in Japan will get 10 Raise Max Level, 10 Mega Speedup and 1 Meteorite
- top 1000 in Japan, 300 in North America or 200 in Europe will get 7 Mega Speedups, 7 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 2000 in Japan, 700 in North America or 500 in Europe will get 5 Mega Speedups, 5 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 5000 in Japan, 1300 in North America or 900 in Europe will get 4 Mega Speedups, 4 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 10000 in Japan, 2700 in North America or 1900 in Europe will get 3 Mega Speedups, 3 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 20000 in Japan, 5400 in North America or 3800 in Europe wi'll get 2 Mega Speedups, 2 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 30000 in Japan, 8100 in North America or 5700 in Europe will get 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Raise Max Level and 1 Meteorite
- top 40000 in Japan, 11000 in North America or 7600 in Europe will get 1 Skill Booster M, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Meteorite
- top 50000 in Japan, 13000 in North America or 9400 in Europe will get 1 Exp. Booster L, 1 Disruption Delay and 1 Meteorite
- top 60000 in Japan, 16000 in North America or 11000 in Europe will get 1 Exp. Booster L, 1 Disruption Delay and 1 Attack Power
- top 70000 in Japan, 19000 in North America or 13000 in Europe will get 1 Disruption Delay and 1 Attack Power
- all other players get 1 Attack Power. If you already have a Meteorite, you'll get a Level Up
- stage for Cradily has begun and runs until February 28th 2017
- stage for Armaldo has also begun and runs until February 28th 2017
- stage for Terrakion has begun and will drop Skill Boosters for Terrakion if already captured and runs until February 28th 2017

Combat Core dev interested in bringing the game to Switch

Let's hope Nintendo starts getting Switch dev kits out to all sorts of devs, indies included. The more games heading to the Switch, the better!

Soldam: Mu Kaika Sengen - another round of details, screens and art

Check out more screens and art here

- takes place in a mysterious forest
- this is where the mysterious tree called Soldam can be found
- strange creatures called Plumies live in that forest
- they eat the fruit of the tree, they “bloom” and transform
- together with the fairies, they want to fill the forest with beautiful flowers
- Ritto: Tam’s younger sister who's filled with curiosity, and she loves to make accessories
- Tam: Ritto’s older brother who lives at his own pace, and he loves drawing animals and sweet things
- Furufuru (a slime-like creature)
- Beh (a pelican-like creature)
- Carole (a rabbit-like creature)
- Bunbu (a bee-like creature)
- Manako (a rather mysterious creature)
- clear lines of tree nuts, following the rules of Reversi
- nuts drop in blocks of four
- Soldam Mode (Single Player): together with the Plumies, you solve various puzzles, and you help them “bloom”
- Practice Mode (Single Player): a mode that lets you practice, where you can drop the tree nuts at your own pace. You can chose to train for as long as you want, or only for a few minutes
- Closed Mode: a mode where you have to solve various puzzles by dropping up to five blocks
- VS Mode: two players can compete against each other and features some gameplay elements not found in other modes, such as the ability to send cleared blocks to your opponent and more

Daigasso! Band Brothers P ending music submissions

- impacts both Daigasso! Band Brothers P and the free ‘Debut’ version
- music submission and review process set to end
- no longer active after March 21st, 2017
- other online services for the game will remain intact

Creating photorealistic images with neural networks and a Gameboy Camera

Back in 1998, the Gameboy camera got the world record as “smallest digital camera” in the Guinness book of records. An accessory you could buy was the small printer you could use to print your images. When I was 10 years old we had one of these cameras at home and used it a lot. Although we did not have the printer, taking pictures, editing them, and playing minigames was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I could not find my old camera (no colored young Roland pictures, unfortunately), but I did buy a new one so I could test my application.

In the end the result turned out very good. The generated images are really great. Although we trained on a small part of the face even pictures of whole heads seem to turn out nice. The following images are images the network has never seen before. The image in the center is the “real image”, the image on the right is generated by our neural network. Note that even skincolor is accurate most of the times.

Full experiment here (thanks MarioCheated!)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - latest Japanese commercial

Thanks to Nintyrift for the heads up!

Tequila Works discusses length of RiME

A portion of a WCCFTech interview with Tequila Works...

WCC: How long do you think it will take to complete the game? Does it lend itself to replayability?

TW: The duration of the game will largely depend on each player’s play style and how he or she would like to immerse into the exploration of the island and unlocking all the secrets it keeps. If if you really want to take your time and collect all the secrets, you might well end up in the 8-10 hours range , but it could take a couple hours fewer or a couple hours more. As for replayability, the story of RiME has a very well defined ending, which everybody will experience when they finish the game, but there is a good chance players might miss several secrets and collectibles in their first playthrough, and those items are not there as mere cosmetic additions or to artificially increase the time you spend in the game, but they offer deeper understanding about the story. We expect a good deal of players will revisit the island in order to get the whole picture!