The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Pokemon Picross developed by Jupiter

Wondering who took on the development of the upcoming Pokemon Picross? We've learned that none other than Jupiter handled the creation of the game. That's quite a good pick for developer, since Jupiter has put in extensive work with the Picross genre, as they've released multiple Picross games via the eShop.

Kickstarter - Night City Assault has a chance at Wii U release

Software Licensing / Development Kits - Software licences and tools are often prohibitively expensive. Not only do we need these to finish the game, but also to port Night City Assault to other platforms if we reach the corresponding stretch goals. We've already taken the steps to become approved PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo developers, but we need funds to purchase development kits for the PS4 and Wii U. Microsoft was kind enough to send us some already!

Kickstarter here

Nintendo kicks off 3DS Fan Faves voting

Walmart/Target - Wii U sales take up 17% of Black Friday sales

Once again, this info comes from InfoScout, the company that has been sharing all sorts of Black Friday data over the last couple days.