Flat Heroes developers on Switch in comparison to Steam's marketplace

This comes a Nindie Spotlight interview with Parallel Circles' Roger Valldeperas...

NS: Having been a small fish in Steam's absolute ocean of content initially with the Early Access path what's the contrast as you're making your way to the much more limited current Switch market? Given what you know do you think the Switch can become a real hot spot for Indies? Is there anything you think could improve their situation overall?

RV: Steam is becoming over-saturated and it's really hard to stand out at the moment, and that's especially true when your game features a minimalist graphic style that to some people will just look like square placeholders and its strongest feature is the control and game-feel. So definitely, we hope on Switch Flat Heroes will have a bit more of exposure that will hopefully invite more people to give it a go.

We don't have much more info than you in terms of Switch support for indies, but as far as we can tell they are doing a pretty decent job and have been really inviting, it's quite clear from the many great indies already announced for Switch.

Seven Years in Alpha: The Thumper Postmortem

In this 2017 GDC postmortem, Thumper co-creator Marc Flury explains how he and collaborater Brian Gibson were able to create the critically acclaimed rythym violence game without advanced shader tools, particle systems, or sophisticated lighting techniques, and how they were able to adapt the game for VR.

Culdcept Revolt delayed to Oct. 3rd

Culdcept Revolt was originally due out Aug. 29th, but today's new trailer snuck in release date delay. Looks like the game has been pushed back to Oct. 3rd. Thanks to Jesfrea2000 for the heads up!

UPDATE - NIS America has confirmed the delay. Their reasoning is ''to accommodate the manufacturing and production of the game.''

Castlevania Netflix series - voice cast revealed, multiple Castlevania III characters included

Trevor Belmont - Richard Armitage
Alucard - James Callis
Sypha Belnades - Alejandra Reynoso
Lisa Tepes - Emily Swallow
The Bishop - Matt Frewer
The Elder - Tony Amendola

Seems like the cast is very Castlevania III-centric, which is absolutely fine with me. That's one of my favorite entries in the entire franchise!

Another look at Nyko's Joy-Con Swivel Grip

Get a new hold on the Joy-Con™ controller with Swivel Grip for Nintendo Switch™. Swivel Grip adds a controller like grip to the Joy-Con controller and provides a more ergonomic feel than the Joy-Con alone. Perfect for longer gameplay sessions. The grips swivel into place to provide more of a traditional controller-like feel or collapse and attach the Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch. Swivel Grip does not need to removed to attach the Joy-Con to the console and the functionality of the face and shoulder buttons are preserved. Installation is simple, just separate the top and bottom piece of Swivel Grip and place the Joy-Con inside.

Added size and controller-like grip improves comfort for longer gameplay sessions
Grips swivel intro place or out of the way for easy storage
Does not interfere with any buttons or ports
Easy installation
Can be left attached when the Joy-Con is connect to the Nintendo Switch


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