Michel Ancel shares image that stirs up Beyond Good and Evil fans

Somewhere in system 4 ... - Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !

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Mr. Ancel, what are you doing to us? Beyond Good and Evil fans have been tormented for so long. We really can't take it anymore, and now you share a tease like this?! The image seems to show a young version of Pey'j, a main character in the original game, but as a child. This image was also shared without any explanation as to where it comes from. Oh man, I can't help but get a bit more hyped...but I really can't take anymore heartbreak!

Microsoft removes N64 emulator from Xbox One store

For a short while, there was an N64 emulator available to download on Xbox One. Some wondered how Microsoft could let something like this happen. Apparently Microsoft themselves agreed, as they've now yanked the app from the store. It's most likely not going to see a return.

Monster Hunter Generations/Stories - tons of new merch

Capcom once again has a wave of Monster Hunter merch on the way, this time focusing on Monster Hunter Stories and Generations. We'll keep an eye out for import retailers that stock these goodies. Check out the entire lineup here.

Pokemon Sun/Moon - Tweet your questions to the developers

Take advantage of this opportunity while you can! Just shoot a tweet over to Nintendo Australia as a reply to their tweet above and perhaps the dev team will answer your question!

Monster Hunter Stories - Kaikatsu CLUB promotion details

- Kaikatsu CLUB is a Japanese café with 314 stores
- receive a QR code for in-game items at the cafe
- distribution begins Oct. 8th and runs until Dec. 31st

Mercenaries Saga 3 - debut trailer

Mercenaries Saga 3 is coming out on the 3DS eShop in Japan on Oct. 5th. The game will be available for 500 yen.