Industry-wide component shortage forces Nintendo to battle other tech companies to secure Switch parts

- Nintendo has told suppliers and assemblers it hopes to make nearly 20 million Switch units by the end of this fiscal year
- there's an industry-wide capacity shortage for components used in smartphones, computer servers and other tech
- this includes NAND flash-memory chips that store data, liquid-crystal displays and the motors that enable HD Rumble
- rapid expansion of web-based services for corporations has driven demand for computer servers that use flash memor
- continued demand for Apple’s iPhone line will also put a strain on components
- makers of data-center servers tend to use newer and higher-margin components
- smartphone makers issue larger orders
- this makes it hard for Nintendo to secure components they need
- if Nintendo increased spending significantly to secure more parts, that could risk driving the Switch’s production cost up
- Nintendo may again consider air cargo shipping toward the end of the year, some sources said

Japan's "Pokemon With You" train getting a makeover

- Pokémon With You train been running through Eastern Japan since 2012
- train departs from Ichinoseki Station in Iwate and ends at Kesennuma Station in Miyagi
- new design, seen below, rolls out July 15th

Splatoon 2 - Twitter content update for May 30th, 2017 (Hero Mode item info)

The item you're looking at is called a "cologallium," according to today's Splatoon 2 Twitter update. These things can be inked up and batted around to squash enemies in the way. They can also be used by the enemies to do the same to you! Remember, you can always ink them right back to send these suckers flying the other way.

Nintendo fixes Pokemon Sun/Moon online service disruption

A few hours ago, Nintendo said there was something causing an interruption of online services for Pokemon Sun/Moon. While they didn't detail what the issue was, they did just send out the tweet above. It says that service has been restored, and they apologize for the issue.

Super Nintendo World amusement park trademark mentions karts, hotels

What exciting attractions will be part of the Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios in the states? We aren't quite sure yet, but pouring through the trademark that surfaced yesterday brings up a pair of interesting mentions.

As has been speculated upon before, it seems like karting will be involved in some way. This specific trademark mentions "management or arrangement of kart racing". A Mario Kart attraction seems like a no-brainer, so finding this info isn't all that surprising.

A bit more interesting is the mention of 'hotel accommodation services'. Looks like Nintendo might be, in some small way, getting back into some of their old business ventures! We're thinking this will be more in the way of Nintendo-themed hotel options near the park, rather than a return of Nintendo's love hotels!

Fire Emblem Heroes - Chrom and Camilla wallpapers revealed for June 2017

The latest wave of Fire Emblem Heroes wallpapers brings us Chrom and Camilla for June 2017. Which one will you choose?

Nintendo/Intelligent Systems on creating Fire Emblem Echoes, bringing Fire Emblem to Switch & more

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with Nintendo's Kenta Nakanishi...

"When Kenta's father passed away, among his possessions were Fire Emblem Gaiden, complete with a save file. Kenta shares some insight into how finding this left a lasting impact.

"Back then I'd be playing it and thinking of him. Fire Emblem Gaiden means a lot to me because of this, and I've played it through many times. Despite playing it so much, the story and the characters' personalities didn't leave much of an impression on me - at that time a game's story was mainly included in its manual, and I didn't have the manual for Fire Emblem Gaiden when I was playing. With more recent Fire Emblem games, more and more people are playing because they enjoy the stories and the relationships between the characters."

On remaking Gaiden as Fire Emblem Echoes...

"One of the goals with this game was to let people who were only introduced to Fire Emblem from Awakening onwards enjoy the older games of the series, so basically we made the game without changing the core mechanics of Fire Emblem Gaiden. The weapons triangle actually doesn't match well with the design of this game, and if we were to do it. We would have needed to do things like add axe characters to Alm's army, or give some types of soldiers the ability to have multiple weapons. If we did that though, it would end up being too different from the original Fire Emblem Gaiden, so we decided not to implement it.

As for the support system, if we allowed marriage then it would affect Alm and Celica's story, so we didn't include that system. However, the support conversations themselves are helpful for learning more about the relationships between characters, so we have implemented that in this game."

On why another Fire Emblem installment was made for the 3DS (coming from Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami)

"There were still things we wanted to do on Nintendo 3DS. At the point we started development for this game, it was still too early to start development for Nintendo Switch, and yet too late to make a brand new game for Nintendo 3DS considering we would later be working on a game for Nintendo Switch. That makes the choice pretty clear, right? [laughs]"

After development on Fire Emblem Fates finished, Intelligent Systems came to us saying that there were a number of things they weren't able to do in Fates, and that they wanted to make another game for Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, this was right around the time when we were starting to think about the new game for Nintendo Switch. We discussed what would be possible to make in the short time until the development of the new game for Nintendo Switch really starts, and we decided it would be best to work on a remake instead of a brand new title."

On bringing Fire Emblem to Switch (from Intelligent Systems' Masahiro Higuchi and Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami)

"I'm very happy that we were able to announce a new game for the home console, Nintendo Switch. I'm confident that the gameplay of Fire Emblem hasn't lost anything by being on handhelds such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS. By returning to a home console though, we can deliver a title with a level of quality higher than on a handheld not only in terms of game system, but also in terms of graphics and audio too." - MH

"Personally, I want to play Fire Emblem games on a TV screen, because I want to enjoy the impressive graphics and audio," adds Yamagami. "I have a bit of a thing about making the games for home console; it was actually me who got the Fire Emblem series to make the jump from Game Boy Advance to GameCube and Wii! But modern players are busy, and it's hard for them to play strategy games, where you need to think carefully, if they have to do it at home and in front of the TV. So for 10 years we have made the games for handhelds.

In that sense, by developing for Nintendo Switch, we can give players the option to enjoy playing on a home console on a big screen, as well as being able to play anywhere they like on a handheld, which is great for today's busy users. I think it's the ideal console for the Fire Emblem series." - HY

Nintendo, Intelligent Systems devs interested in creating a new Advance Wars

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami...

"Personally, I'd love to do Advance Wars, but since it's harder to create relationships between its characters compared to Fire Emblem, I don't have a clear idea of what kind of setting it could have."

Coming from Intelligent Systems' Masahiro Higuchi...

"The Advance Wars series is one that I personally have a lot of interest in. I hear some of the staff here saying that they want to make one too, so if we have a chance it's something I'd like to do!"

Lost animated short “Super Mario Traffic Safety” has been found

- used to teach children traffic safety
- created in 1989 by Toei animation
- directed by Mamoru Kanbe (whose works include Elfen Lied, Demon Prince Enma, and Cardcaptor Sakura)