The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition currently #1 on Amazon best-sellers, out of stock

Wow...looks like people REALLY wanted to get their hands on the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition. Things have gone so well that the item shot up to the top position on Amazon's best-sellers list. Even crazier, the item is already sold out! Let's hope some more stock is added soon.

Super Robot Wars BX - first-week sales analysis

- 98,000 units sold
- 85.42 percent sell-through rate
- Super Robot Wars UX sold 115,000 units at launch in March 2013 with a 70.85 sell-through rate

Best Buy - Buy Two Select amiibo Characters for $20

When you purchase two of the amiibo characters below, you'll only pay $20, a $5.98 savings.
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Year Walk dev considers Wii U version the 'best' version

A portion of a NWR interview with Simogo's Simon Flesser...

NWR: You wanted to make it the best version of the game. Do you think the Wii U is the best version?

S: All versions of the game have specific things I like about them, but I think the Wii U version is the best version for me. If you didn't know about the PC or iOS versions, you'd think "this is such a Wii U game". Me and Magnus from Simogo and Rhod from Dakko Dakko, we like to design for specific platforms or specific interfaces.

Full interview here

PAX Prime 2015 honors Satoru Iwata