Lost Reavers - maintenance scheduled for this Tuesday/Wednesday

Services impacted
Wii U: Lost Reavers (online play, leaderboards)

Europe: August 31st (6AM to 8AM)
UK: August 31st (5AM to 7AM)
North America (EST): August 31st (12AM to 2AM)
North America (PST): August 30th (9PM to 11PM)
Japan: August 31st (1PM to 3PM)

One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum - info on characters and more

Characters showcased so far
Rob Lucchi
Monkey D Luffy
Roronoa Zoro
Tonytony Chopper
Nico Robin
Marshall D Teach
Eustass “Captain” Kid
Trafalgar Law
Donxquixote Doflamingo

D-Assisr characters give you various bonuses
Status up
Special Effects

D-Assist characters (80 in total)
Spandam (who can use the Funkfree Sword)
Wanda (Warrior of Zou)
Nekomushi (Warrior of Zou)
Inuazashi (Warrior of Zou)

- mode that allows you to create your very own team of pirates
- can have various character join your team, and depending on who joins, you will get to enjoy different dialogue scenes and short stories
- can train your characters by having them fight, so they can become stronger

Four scenarios from the mode
- the first one sees Luffy and Law going on an adventure together in search of treasure;
- the second one sees Black Bear and Kid teaming up;
- the third one sees Fujitora and Sakazuki set out in order to eradicate all pirates;
- the fourth one sees Sanji wanting to protect Boa Hancock, but the only thing she’s interested in finding some meat for the man she loves, Luffy.

- Grand Online is where you can battle against other players online
- with each victory, the bounty on your head (your rank) increases
- looks like there will even be some official tournaments

Nintendo Badge Arcade (EU) - more Pokemon badges added

VoxelMaker might be coming to the Nintendo 3DS

IGN - Tantalus details how they came to work on Twilight Princess HD, excited about NX

Coming from an IGN interview with Tantalus CEO, Tom Crago...

“Nintendo approached us. We had worked with them before on Top Gear Rally on GBA, and had remained in close contact in the intervening period. I guess they were impressed by the work we’d done on Mass Effect 3, which was a launch title on Wii U. It’s not every day someone from Nintendo asks you if you’d be interested in making a Zelda game, so definitely it was happy moment. By that stage Tantalus had shipped around thirty games on Nintendo platforms, and so certainly it felt like a natural fit. A huge thrill, but a natural fit.

We worked with Nintendo very closely. A dedicated team in Kyoto worked with us throughout the duration of the project, and senior members of our team made several trips to Japan."

Nintendo and Tantalus have no doubt built a stronger relationship over the years, culminating in Twilight Princess HD. Can we expect to see Tantalus bringing some content to NX? Mr. Crago played coy when asked, but did say that he's "very excited" about the platform.

Mario-themed Hot Wheels lineup - promo video

This lineup of cars is heading to stores now. Remember, this lineup is Walmart-exclusive for the time being, so that narrows down where you should look for it!