The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Drill Man

Number: DWN-027

Weapon: Drill Bomb

Weakness: Dive Missile

Modified from a hole-digging robot originally used at construction sites. His tendency to drill underground is annoying.

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Amazon - Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for $25

The Binding of Isaac: ReBirth still facing issues on New 3DS

When The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth launched on New 3DS XL, it seemed that some users were experiencing a handful of issues. Nicalis quickly released a patch about a week after the game launched. Now with that patch out and downloaded, users still claim to have issues. While the original complaints of invisible enemies and music problems have stopped, there seems to be a new glitch that causes you to hard reboot your New 3DS XL. We'll try to get word from Nicalis on the issue.

Best Buy - Cut the Rope: Triple Threat for $8

Nintendo CSR Report 2015 now available

'Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches'...that's the title of Nintendo's CSR Report for 2015. If you want to get a deeper look at how Nintendo operates, who works behind the scenes, how they approach their fans and their ultimate goals in this industry, you can find no better place than this report. There's a massive selection of content to check out, but you can also view the 'digest' version of the report. All that and much more can be found at the link below.

Report here

NIS America clarifies, Legend of Legacy hitting EU in early 2016

Year Walk - A look at making the Wii U trailer

When making the Year Walk Wii U trailer, we were faced with an interesting challenge. We wanted to show off all the new cool features, yet using live-action and actors felt kind of dorky to us. And we didn’t have the means or equipment to make a trailer like that anyway. So, in usual Simogo Do-It-Yourself spirit, we did the only reasonable thing: Have a friend build a horse mask, build a little Year Walk universe inside our studio, call in a tall friend and ask him to wear a suit and then film it all using only smartphones and cheap spotlights.

Check out more pics here (thanks Timmmah!)

Inafune says Mighty No. 9 is 'his child', different from working on Mega Man

Coming from Keiji Inafune...

"One difference between Mighty No. 9 and other games, Rockman, for example, is they're both my children. But if you're making it in a company, it's kind of a foster child. You want to raise it in a certain way, but you're going to have interference from other people, from the true parent, which is the company. It's complicated. Mighty No. 9 is my child. I can raise it any way I want. I don't have any restrictions. So it feels different."