GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 602

It may be a solo show today, but it's jam-packed with info. We did a live question and answer session with you guys! I shared all SORTS of details on the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don't worry, there's no spoilers! HUGE thanks to all of you that joined live and asked questions.

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GoNintendo Video - CNET has lost their mind over the Switch kickstand

CNET has lost their minds with their most recent article about the Switch. Get ready for more Switch kickstand discussion than you've ever heard before!

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Japanese retailers talk about store Switch preorders

The following information comes from various retailers interviewed by Famitsu magazine...


- nation-wide CD and DVD rental / seller
- 1,686 shops total in Japan and 1,131 of them are also selling video games
- customers in their 30’s as well as families were responding the most to Switch
- only a few locations had lines forming for pre-orders, but its entire reservation slots were filled in two days
- why it filled faster than expected was due to low quantity
- there were many consumers who couldn’t buy Famicom Mini, PSVR, or PlayStation 4 Pro at launch
- consumers were trying to avoid another sellout situation with Switch, which is why they hopped on preorders
- preorders for the gray color were taken before the neon version
- neon was reserved more by women, including those who came to reserve a system for their child
- game preorder popularity was, Zelda, 1-2-Switch and then Super Bomberman R
- official carrying case was the most popular peripheral
- the store rep says they believe the price is just right

Bic Camera

- nation-wide major electronics and home appliances retailer
- 20 stores, but each one is a multi-floor gigantic building and located at the best and highly valuable districts of major cities
- at Bic Camera located in Yurakucho, 200 people formed a line for Switch
- Ikebukuro store had the longest line and there were 700 people
- Switch didn’t seem to be receiving a ton of interest at Bic Camera after Nintendo presented the system
- as the day for reservations approached, interest continued to increase
- gray was the more popular color option here
- once it reached its quota, most customers decided to reserve the neon option
- Zelda and 1-2 Switch were the most popular preorders
- Dragon Quest Heroes I-II saw more preorders than expecting
- store rep said pricing for the Switch was appropriate and they want more supply

Games Maya

- small independent video game retailer, but widely known in Japan
- Games Maya has seen a pretty huge reaction from consumers since Switch was presented
- there were some who said they would buy it regardless of the price
- big lines formed during the day for pre-orders, and all slots were filled by around noon
- store rep felt a stronger reaction compared to past consoles, but wants more supply of Switch
- gray was more sought after in general, with kids reserving the neon version
- customers stopped by who just wanted to reserve Switch no matter the color
- final ratio between the two colors was roughly 6:4.
- popular game preorders were Zelda followed by 1-2-Switch
- Switch Pro Controller was the most popular preorder, with lots of Zelda customers picking one up
- already seeing three times more demand from customers than actual supply
- store rep believes customers are seeing the price as cheap
- she also think it is cheaper than she expected
- store rep thought that if the price was not below the PlayStation, it will be tough

Switch - Day 1 update info

- update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images via social media
- link Nintendo Accounts
- update lets you “connect online using hotspots that require authentication, such as at a hotel or café. A web applet will open up so the user can sign-in or accept terms of use.”
- update will launch “just prior” to Switch’s release
- the update “downloads in the background, is designed to install quickly and doesn’t disrupt gameplay.”
- in order to to buy digital games for Switch from Nintendo’s website, you’ll have to access the eShop one time
- if you don’t have a Nintendo Account when you are asked about it, you can ask the system to send an email with a guidance manual about how to create an account

Best Buy location puts up huge Switch display for passers-by

Holy hell, now that's a massive display! Pretty damn cool to see that. Makes me want to check out my local Best Buy and see if the same thing is going on!

Hamster talks about Arcade Archive details, teases other Switch projects

The following comes from a Famitsu interview with Satoshi Hamada from Hamster, as translated by NE...

- Hamster received requests from fans to bring the Arcade Archive series to portable devices
- they thought Switch would fulfill these wishes
- Arcade Archive series has a feature to rotate the screen to play vertically-displayed arcade games
- it’s easier to port on Switch than expected
- Hamda thought that coding around the Joy-Con might be peculiar, but doing so isn’t actually that difficult
- finds the hardware specs on Switch are sufficient and has a good impression of the device as a result
- Hamada thought about implementing the Joy-Con steering wheel for arcade racing games
- he decided an actual steering controller is better
- currently Hamster is collaborating with HORI to make their arcade stick capable to play the Arcade Archive series
- they are discussing releasing unique arcade sticks with control panels such as twin levers, track ball, and a loop leve
- the arcade stick is not announced for Switch
- Hamster is now trying to release new titles for Arcade Archive every week
- Hamada thinks it would be nice for fans if they can find new titles when they visit the eShop on a weekly basis
- this isn't guaranteed, but the dev team is trying hard to achieve thi
- they are only announcing five Neo Geo titles from the Arcade Archives
- they haven’t announced the (standard) Arcade Archives series
- they are currently focusing on keeping the series on track with continuous releases of Neo Geo Arcade Archives
- they will definitely bring (standard) Arcade Archives in the future.
- as far as file size, it was originally 600 MB in average, but the Switch version is planned to be reduced to 200 MB
- Hamster also wants to bring over the Nikoli puzzles series, including Sudoku
- they are already talking about it with Nikoli, so they probably will be able to announce something soon
- there are actually some projects planned aside from Arcade Archives and Nikoli, but Hamster can’t announce them yet

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - another 20 mins of footage (spoilers)

I'd consider this video to have some spoilers, so please don't watch if you're trying to keep the experience untainted for yourself.