The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Trouble with Wii U browser and YouTube videos

If you haven't noticed, YouTube updated its video player today. That means there's going to be trouble for those of you that use the Wii U web browser to view YouTube videos. You can still get things to work, but you have to go through some odd clicks to make videos play. You can still use the official YouTube app to play videos as well.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden demo may be available August 6th

Earlier today, Bandai Namco put up a tweet about a demo for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden. The tweet said that the demo would be available August 6th, 2015. The only problem is...the tweet had a picture of Naruto attached by mistake. Bandai Namco has since removed the tweet, but they never replaced it with a Dragon Ball Z image. I guess we'll just have to hang tight on confirmation!

Random Time! - The strange Google searches for Nintendo-related characters

Ever wonder what people like to search about on Google when they're looking for Nintendo characters? Game Informer was curious, so they looked up some autocompletes for various characters familiar to Nintendo fans. Check out some of the weird stuff people search for!

Why does

Footage of the recently teased new Pokemon

We've seen drawings and then a pic, but now we have footage of the full reveal!

Terraria - Wii U/3DS details

- more control options on New 3DS
- uses dual-screens as much as possible
- game is running content up to version 1.2, with not all 1.3 content ready for launch
- will get future updates
- doesn't have 3D
- touching to build and dig isn’t compulsory
- Wii U version uses touch/GamePad screen
- no download play
- no voice chat in Wii U
- Miiverse on Wii U
- multiplayer on Wii U lets multiple people use TV and one person use GamePad
- 3DS is 4 player ad hoc
- touch screen for inventory and accessory management, housing management, map usage and more
- CodeGlue is doing the 3DS version
- Engine Software is doing the Wii U version
- Plumber and Hero Outfits may have special coloring
- working on first post-release updates already

Germany - Photos with Animal Crossing app being distributed at McDonald's

- starting 10th of August, the first of the three AR cards will be available at participating McDonald’s restaurants
- second AR card will be available starting 17th of August
- third and final AR card will be available from 24th of August
- AR cards will be available in limited quantities and only for one week per card
- Photos with Animal Crossing application will be available through the Nintendo Zones in those same McDonald’s restaurants
- can be obtained via codes given out upon accessing the Nintendo Zone app on your 3DS

Nintendo says they don't ignore the world around them, listen to fan reactions/requests

Coming from Nintendo's Scott Moffitt...

“I would never say we’re blind to the outside world, but we listen to our game fans a lot. We’re always curious to [see] their reaction to new games like Splatoon. We don’t use them as our sole inspiration but we certainly like to hear what they are saying, enjoying and appreciating about a game, in addition to what they would like in future iterations of that game. We take a broad look and always pay attention to what is going on beyond our walls with trends, but it starts with listening really carefully to our gamers."

RARE co-founder has no idea why Nintendo try to buy the company

Coming from a Develop interview with RARE co-founder, Tim Stamper...

“I’ve no idea why they (Nintendo) didn’t do that. I thought we were a good fit.”

I think everyone agrees that RARE and Nintendo were a perfect fit. Sadly, the company doesn't seem to be what it used to. I don't know that it could ever recapture that magic, but at least Nintendo and RARE had some wonderful days together!