G.G. Assault Buster - review

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G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER could be argued as being the finest entry in this arcade focused series yet. The nature of the gameplay lends itself well to score chasing and the dynamic combat, upbeat soundtrack and excellent spritework all mix well into a satisfying whole. If you're going to pick up only one of the dozens of G.G games out yet, we'd recommend that this is the one you buy.

Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus - import preview

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In the end, is The Best + really “the best” of Rhythm Heaven as it claims? No, but it’s pretty close. While the plot is superfluous, the new songs are excellent; and I can’t think of any of my favorite normal stages from past games that weren’t included in either the main mode or in the extras. The game’s real weakness is that the best of Rhythm Heaven is and always has been the remixes. While the new ones are great, the fact that no remixes from the past three games return, while so many normal stages do, keeps it from being “the best” as advertised.

Denpa Ningen no RPG Free - game reaches 2.2 million downloads, new update incoming

- game was first released on July 23, 2014
- Since then, Denpa Ningen no RPG Free has been downloaded 2.2 million times
- Version 1.8 incoming next week
- one new main stage, but also several extra stages (with really powerful monsters from previous stages)
- monsters companions: you will be able to add some monsters to your party, and they will accompany you during your adventures
- over 40 of them in total, and they each have their own characteristics.
- various types for the monsters, such as Dragon Type or Ghost Type, for example.
- upper limit for stamina will be increased, and will go further than 100
- before each stage, you will be able to see the recommended level
- the ''Get Stages'' will now be available for full week (instead of a single day), and there will be more than one stage available each day
- there will be several potential Coliseum Prizes, and the one you get will be chosen via lottery
- Some maintenance planned on July 7/8

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon to be featured on a live stream on July 10/11

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be featured in the upcoming stream. We aren't sure in which capacity yet however. The main focus on the live stream will be showcasing the older titles in the franchise, with special attention to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.

The stream will last for 24 hours and will kick off on July 10 at 7AM ET/13:00 CEST.