Metal Marines - review

A portion from a NintendoLife review..

Metal Marines is a good game, and fans of strategy will find a lot to like here. The bland presentation and initially confusing gameplay date this one a bit, but get past the fact that Metal Marines is a (charming) relic of the past and there's a fun, challenging RTS waiting in the eShop.

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Kickstarter Pokemon documentary To Be The Very Best looks at the competition scene

Here is the description of a recently started Kickstarter page for To Be The Very Best:
Hey everyone, Wolfe here, the project leader behind To Be the Very Best. To Be the Very Bestis a feature-length documentary about the world’s most talented Pokemon players. These top competitors go beyond merely beating the Elite 4 and completing their Pokedexes by testing their skills against the best the world has to offer in official Pokemon tournaments.

I’ve teamed up with Dan Karlok (a 2-time Emmy award winning director) and Matt Weaver (the award winning producer behind Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Broadway's Rock of Ages) to bring you closer than ever to the personalities that make competitive Pokemon a story worth sharing. We will begin by taking an inside look at players from all corners of the globe and showing that they are more complex than the label of “gamer” would suggest –– that behind their screen names are real people who began their journeys by spending hours walking on virtual grass like any other kid growing up. Then comes the really exciting part, as our stars will clash at the most important event on the Pokemon calendar: the Pokemon Video Game World Championships. Here, their months of hard work will come to a climax as they go head to head to earn the right to be called the very best player on the planet.

With some help, my team and I will be there to capture every moment: from the roar of the crowd, the elation of victory, and the heartbreak of defeat to what draws us back to the event each year – the global community of close friends that would have never come to be without Pokemon.

Cube Creator 3D - review

A portion from a Nintendo World Report review:

For me, creating, crafting, and building worlds in this kind of game are fun, but something that doesn’t hook me completely. But even with that, I had fun with Cube Creator 3D. The idea of creating your own environment is fun, and the game’s creative mode helps you accomplish those goals. The other mode, survival, isn’t as fun, and I do wish the game had more larger environments and more items to craft and choose from. But for a game that wishes to fill the need of those who want the Minecraft experience on the 3DS, this is probably one of the best to succeed in that regard.

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GameStop - Bayonetta 2 for $44.97

If you're looking to snag Bayonetta 2 at a lower price, GameStop has your back. The website currently has it listed for $44.97, substantially cheaper than the normal $60 price tag. Check it out below if you're interested!


GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Ask your Splatoon questions!

Man, I can't wait for this mess to be all over. Desperately want to share details with you, but I can't right now. I promise, it's a rage-inducing situation. Working through it because you guys are worth it. This has probably been the most trying month I've ever had with GoNintendo, but we must power through. See you in a few, short hours.

The big day has come and gone. The internet at large has given birth to a flurry of Splatoon reviews. Seems like the game is fairing pretty well across the board! Nice to see the title so warmly welcomed. I'm also sure you can't wait to do the same with the game once it actually releases! While that's just a few days off, we can still kill some time for you guys and gals.

Our review clocked in at just under 4000 words. We certainly don't take a quantity over quality approach in our reviews, but I wanted to make sure I detailed all I could of my experience! Hopefully you enjoyed the review and it answered a lot of your questions. If you missed out on reading the review when we posted it earlier today, you can have a look right here. Just be prepared to do a bit of reading!

With my review out of the way, I'm sure there are some other questions out there. I figured I would open up the floor to you guys and see what you wanted to know. I'll answer everything I possibly can about the experience. You can ask questions about game mechanics, personal opinion or anything else inbetween. Just leave a comment on this post or reply to the corresponding tweet and I'll skim through and get everything answered by launch day.

So go ahead and ask away! I'll do my best to give you the info you're looking for. I just want to put your mind at ease before the game launches. That way you can better decide if the game is for you!