UK - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sees 50% boost in sales for this week's sales

As we showed you yesterday, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is hanging onto the 6th overall position in the UK weekly software charts. Turns out there's more to the story though. The title actually saw a 50% increase in its sales this week, which seems to be due to the Switch. Switch units are making their way back onto shelves in the UK, and consumers are snatching the latest batch up, and grabbing Zelda while they're at it.

Pokemon news - Sun/Moon Global Link gift, battle competition, Global mission, Pokemon Shuffle update

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Global Link Gift

- available for those who participated in the recent Kanto X Alola Regional Rumble Competition
- gift is a Pidgeotite and a Steelixite, which cannot be obtained through any other means at this time
- must be redeemed by April 27th 2017 at 23:59 UTC
- distributions for these Mega Stones through shared code will begin later this Spring for those who didn't participate

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Battle Competition

- 2017 International Challenge April competition
- Double Battle competition using VGC 2017 rules requiring the Alola Pokédex only
- Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Necrozma and Zygarde are not allowed
- Mega Stones are also not allowed
- Registration will be open from April 19th at 00:00 UTC to April 27th 23:59 UTC
- battles will run from April 28th to April 30th
- all entrants will get the Sceptilite and Blazikenite Mega Stones.
- players that are part of the Play! Pokémon program will also earn Championship Points if they rank high enough

Pokémon Sun & Moon - Global Missions

- fifth Pokémon Sun & Moon Global Mission has begun.
- theme involves hatching Eggs
- over 200,000 Eggs have to be hatched
- Rewards are 2,000 FC (Success), 200 FC (Failure)
- if the game is tied to a Global Link account: 4,000 FC (Success), 400 FC (Failure)
- runs until April 10th 2017 23:59 UTC
- if players hatch 3 or more Eggs, then they will earn a Rare Candy
- if 400,000 Eggs are hatched, all players with a PGL account will get a Love Ball

Pokémon Shuffle

- Version 1.4.5 available to download on 3DS
- Meloetta competitive stage where the top 100 players in Europe and 500 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 5 Mega Speedup and 10 Raise Max Level
- top 300 players in Europe and 1500 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 4 Mega Speedup and 8 Raise Max Level
- top 500 players in Europe and 3000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 3 Mega Speedup and 6 Raise Max Level
- top 900 players in Europe and 5000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 2 Mega Speedup and 4 Raise Max Level
- top 1800 players in Europe and 10000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 2 Mega Speedup and 2 Raise Max Level
- top 3600 players in Europe and 20000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Raise Max Level
- top 5400 players in Europe and 30000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Skill Booster M
- top 7200 players in Europe and 40000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Disruption Delay
- top 9000 players in Europe and 50000 in Japan will get 1 Skill Swapper and 1 Attack Power
- top 13000 players in Europe and 70000 in Japan will get 1 Disruption Delay and 1 Attack Power
- all other players will get an Attack Power
- Escavalier and Accelgor stages have both begun and run until April 4th 2017 and are recommended for the Meloetta stage
- Genesect stage has also begun and runs until April 4th 2017
- if caught, it may drop a Skill Booster or a Raise Max Level
- Escalation Battle has begun for Keldeo Resolute Form and runs until April 11th 2017
- this gives a variety of items
- Wobbuffet (Female) stage has now joined the rotation with Wobbuffet and Carnivine with the Try 'em Items stages
- lasts a week and costs nothing to play or use items with
- repeat stage has begun for Tornadus Incarnate Forme and runs until April 4th 2017
- can only be played once per day
- various Pokémon have had their maximum level increased through the use of Raise Max Level

Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death - Eren Yeager footage

I haven't played any of the Attack on Titan games. Did anyone try out the one that was localized for 3DS? Is it worth checking out?

Ice Station Z seeing release on 3DS in Japan next week

Japan really took to the Cube Creator DX. That was a bit of a surprise hit. It'll be interesting to see if something like Ice Station Z can pull of the same feat.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for March 28th, 2017

- On March 30th, two “new” Heroes will be added, which are teased in the image above.

Question 11 (Lunatic): Who was called “Beast” once?

- Seliph
- Roy
- Marth
- Eliwood

Picopuri (April/May/June issue) - favorite characters, as voted on by readers

01. Isabelle (1059)
03. Shirokuma (389)
04. Neko (348)
04. Mayor Rukko (268)
05. Kirby (235)
06. Tokage (221)
07. Kuma Tomo (188)
08. Callie (168)
09. Marie (149)
10. Rosie (147)
11. Koma-san (111)
12. Mikudayo (107)
13. Tonkatsu (101)
14. K.K. Slider (91)
15. Yoshi (87)
16. Gudetama (69)
17. Lottie (67)
18. Penguin? (63)
19. Wisp (60)
20. Inkling Girl (54)

Yacht Club talks chances of Shovel Knight 2, moving away from the franchise

Coming from a NextN interview with Yacht Club's Sean Velasco...

Q: After doing the King Knight DLC campaign, are there any possibilities of seeing Shovel Knight 2?

A: Yes, but it would also be really amazing to work on something fresh and new. For now, start thinking about what the next 8 knights could be like!

Q: Some time ago, Yatch Club Games confirmed that, in 2017, you would work on a completely new project. Can you give us a little preview of what we could expect from it? Will it be completely different from Shovel Knight?

A: It will probably be something that is very different than Shovel Knight, but still retains our distinctive Yacht Club Flavor. Nintendo made Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, but they are all distinctly Nintendo. I'd love to make another franchise that people love even more than Shovel Knight!