GoNintendo Review - Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice

SEGA is on a mission with Sonic fans. In a rather refreshing approach, SEGA came out and said that Sonic wasn't getting the attention he deserves when it comes to quality. They recognize that recent years have been rather lackluster, and they're out to turn things around. Obviously that kind of move is going to take time, but it's good to know that SEGA has recognized a problem and is out to correct it.

Many consider Sonic Mania to be the first title that shows SEGA's new plans for Sonic. It'll be the first game that really gives us a look at how SEGA plans to bring the blue blur back to his former popularity, all while bringing in some fans that may have lapsed. With that said, it's not entirely fair to say Sonic Mania is the first title to really try and right some wrongs. Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice went through a rather lengthy delay in order to make for a better experience. That delay was also followed by SEGA's admission of Sonic's quality taking a dip. When you put both together, you can see that Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice got a lot more love from SEGA than originally planned.

So how does the new title in the Sonic Boom franchise measure up? It's certainly not the best Sonic game in the franchise's long history, but it is without a doubt a step in the right direction.

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South Korea - Krispy Kreme gets Pokemon doughnuts

Fans of Pokemon in South Korea might have to make a stop at their local Krispy Kreme location. The doughnut creator has just revealed that they're adding Pokemon-themed doughnuts to their lineup. They certainly look the part, but I wonder how they taste!

Monster Hunter Stories - Kupni Village details and residents

Kupni Village

- idyllic village where many kinds of felynes live
- has a warm temperature, so many felynes visit for vacations
- in the sea there are two rocks that are shaped after felynes
- Village Chief Matar is the chief of Kupni Village
- she’s a wyverian who looks after the felynes
- she has both the personality of a leader, and the kindness like a mother
- Hanako met Nabiru thanks to a certain happening
- she can understand Nabiru well, as the latter tend to be misunderstood easily
- Torao and Kagishippo are two felynes who also live in Kupni Village just like Hanako
- Torao has a scar on his forehead and looks like a gang leader, and Kagishippo is his underling
- they always move together as a pair
- a lot of felynes who live in Kupni Village do recognize Nabiru
- it seems like this place is also very deeply related to Nabiru
- Torao and Kagishippo do not seem to like Navirou due to a certain happening in the past
- the reasons why the protagonist and Nabiru get to visit this village are unclear as of now

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice - "Turnabout Time Traveler" DLC now available

- $5.99
- set after the events of the main game
- Phoenix takes on the defense of bride-to-be Ellen Wyatt at Larry’s request
- Maya tags along and Edgeworth is behind the bench

Michel Ancel shares another Beyond Good & Evil 2 tease

"Ready for the fight " independence #ubisoft day

A photo posted by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on

There's no doubt about this image being related to Beyond Good & Evil. It seems like Ancel is definitely teasing a sequel. I can't wait to find out more, and I really hope that NX rumor is true!

RPG Maker Fes - SD card info

- uses the SD card
- this allows you to save up to 16 RPGs at once
- game allows you to edit monsters, events, weapons, armor, items, abilities

Nintendo Network - maintenance for 3DS scheduled for today

Remember, Nintendo already had some Wii U maintenance scheduled for today as well. Looks like the 3DS wanted to join in on the 'fun'!


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