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Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero (DS)

My Score:


May have changed genres, but it was definitely for the best!

The original Elebits game on the Wii took a first person perspective for more of a physics rich hide and seek game. It was an interesting concept and showed some promise. So, when a sequel came to the DS, similar game play was expected. Instead, Konami took a brand new approach and went in a top down action adventure route.

This game took the charm of the first and amplified. The Adventures of Kai & Zero may not be as unique, but it certainly funner.

You take the role of Kai from the first game and now have special elebit sidekick. As you travel through different worlds, you'll be able to gather a nice collection of sidekicks with unique powers and abilities to help you progress through each world and reach new locations. You'll make friends with elebits that will allow you freeze paths through water, burn vines blocking your path, and much much more. Most of these special elebits can even be evolved into a stronger and more effective form. There are even secret paths and hidden elebits to be found. And the elebits are often used in creative ways and make for interesting puzzles to solve.

The game may lean towards the simpler side, but its a worthwhile adventure that anyone should be able to enjoy.


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