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Final Fantasy VI Advance (Game Boy Advance)

My Score:


Why Final Fantasy VI is the best game i've ever played.

Final Fantasy VI improved every single aspect of the series and made everything feel fresh while keeping the core of what defines Final Fantasy.
The more story-driven FF games tend to focus primarily on a single lead character, but Final Fantasy VI doesn’t have just one lead It has 12 of them. Plus, every character is a very distinct entity with their own unique skills, personality, and quirks.
You can also customize them as you please with special accessories and techniques and boosts granted through the use of Magicite. The epic presentation matches the story - many games threaten you with the end of the world, but so few games have the cajones to actually carry out global destruction over the course of the narrative.

Final Fantasy VI also to me hit a sweet spot in it's difficulty,it's challenging enough to keep you interested but never becomes so hard That it's makes you want to explode with anger. To me that's ideal as I usually play video game to escape stress,not add to it.
Final Fantasy VI also seemed More fun to to me then any other Final Fantasy.
The music is fantastic as well.
Now here's the part were i explain why FFVI ascends the turn based Rpg(my favorite genre),and become the best game i ever played.

A lot of games i've played after a few years start to bore me,but even though i've been playing this game since 2006 i have yet to get bored.
Any game that still can feel fun after 6 years and over 20 playthroughs is to me is worthy of being called one of the best games ever.
However,Final Fantasy VI is top of the top,the best of the best,because It did something no other game has done for me it mad me so immersed in the gameplay and the story that when sad moments happened i cried,and joyful moments i was happy,and when I finally met the main villian,i hated him. No game has ever done that for me before,or since.

Why is that? I think because alot of games focus more on one aspect,then trying to balance everything out.
Like Some games focus on the story,others focus on the gameplay and a few games were too easy or too hard for me to truly enjoy them.
Some day i'm sure there will be a game i find a game i like more then this,and honestly I can't wait.


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